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Newswire posts stays the same right?

Actually decided to move the STP news and show discussion to this subforum. It's smothering the LP news and we want LP to be first and most important, but also because Chester is singing with ANOTHER band (STP) versus this being an actual LP member side project like Fort Minor and Dead By Sunrise were.


And there's a huge lack of interest in the STP tour from LP fans on this forum it seems.....

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How big is STPWCB really going to go, anyways? They're releasing a 5 song EP on October 9th. The tour is almost over, except for a few one off shows later in the year, and then just Soundwave next year so far. It's not like STPWCB will ever become big like LP, so I wouldn't worry too much about it flooding the news. I guess it's smart that you moved the news to the subforum, though.

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