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  1. "If you don't like A Thousand Suns, you don't have Soul" Awesome sentence! I agree 100% with this ;]
  2. I think that this is the moment when 500+ people will be reading this topic! 22 minutes left...
  3. The first clip already played Nothing NEW
  4. I'm going to sleep... wonder what surprises there will be tomorrow God bless Linkin Park and us everyone!
  5. This thing can not be related to Linkin Park. That is exactly opposite to their music.
  6. Well, it's getting better and better
  7. I just found a way TO WAIT until 14.09.2010 - listen to all things that Linkin Park have put in the music history by now... HT, M, MTM ... and all the other stuff from their camp - Fort Minor and Dead By Sunrise (not only - LPU and so on)! Yes, it (14.09.2010) will come really fast
  8. I just do not know if I can handle this excitement! There are millions butterflies in my stomach right now! God, please, let 14.09.2010 come immediately! LOVE LINKIN PARK
  9. I simply love the moments when there are UPDATES! Coool Everything right now about Linkin Park is running very smoothly!
  10. Deluxe Fan Edition Box Set - $99.99 I will surely buy that ! AWSOME!
  11. from Mike's twitter: Album Cover Revealed http://tinyurl.com/39t7de7 well, that's the cover no doubt! I LOVE IT!
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