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  1. mike was better than i thought.. brad and phoneix should've never song.. dont make me laugh
  2. the best stupid thing is Figure 0.9 and Hit THe Floor have dropped since 2004... whole LT album cant be just figure 0.9 chester looks like to get tortured when he's on BID chorus.. his voice is dying, the fact.
  3. in my remains and burn it down must be dropped permanently.. LGM is the best song to perform in LT songs..
  4. he says i was born with hunger of lion, strength of the sun .. so he can make it to be single
  5. i dont knowwhy you guys want in my remains.. this is worst song of LT... until it breaks would be fucking great or skin to bone.
  6. thanks guys the fact is LP's Nu Metal style made us to become fan of LP..
  7. you cannot decide what is dead... if someone still loves that, it lives for who listens it. okey? you dont have to listen what you dont like..
  8. mark chavez (old adema vocal) would be awesome... chester can go now!
  9. powerless will be unleashed tomorrow?
  10. Asbestos is sick! im glad that i didnt chester's voice a lot... mike leads.
  11. ohhh finally we'll see different LT song.. i was fed up with same LT songs to watch every time!
  12. same songs same setlist same show notes. f*ck that.. its boring to see same things
  13. A Place for My Head Given Up New Divide With You Somewhere I Belong In My Remains Victimized (w/ QWERTY bridge) Points of Authority Lies Greed Misery Waiting for the End (Until It Breaks intro, Wall of Noise outro) Breaking the Habit Leave Out All the Rest / Shadow of the Day / Iridescent The Catalyst Lost in the Echo Numb What I've Done Burn It Down In the End Bleed It Out (with 'Sabotage' by Beastie Boys) Encore: Tinfoil / Faint Lying From You / Papercut One Step Closer
  14. i hope new setlist will come out.. im fed up with same songs to watch... lying from you, COG, STB and until it breaks (as album ver.) would be pretty.
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