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  1. Interesting, even if a little misguided sounding. Where are these articles?
  2. Iridescent during an Oscar presentation. Can't remember what year. And pick any Linkin Park song while at TGIFriday.
  3. I don't think the debate is "will they leave Warner," but instead a "what if?" question. I find it funny people dismiss it so easily. Even still, I'm not even saying Warner is treating them poorly in terms of creativity, but the lack of clarification behind Living Things' promotion is very odd. Especially compared to previous albums. How the next album is handled should be very telling of how the label sees them.
  4. Here's a question. How involved is the studio and their rights when it comes to Linkin Park's ventures outside of music. Take the new Sebago shoe for example. Does Warner have any hands in the pot for that? The logo perhaps? I can't find any correlation otherwise, but this isn't the first time Linkin Park has done business with other companies. They know how to play the big-wig company game, so claiming going indie is the end of Linkin Park on the air sounds a bit pre-mature-- especially considering the personal pull they've shown to have with many radio stations. If I recall at least two songs from Nine Inch Nails were aired off an album during the independent era. Whether they were successful or not I can't say. I'm not saying there wouldn't be risk involved, but it isn't like they would roll over and not know what to do. Especially with Mike around.
  5. A world with an independent Linkin Park is one worth taking a gander at. It's the promotion that I'm mostly concerned for. I mean Linkinjoex has a point. The continuing promotion of Living Things was pretty pathetic, with so many lingering holes and questions. Is Castle of Glass a single (or going to be) or not? Or is it strictly promotion for a video game with no hope of air time? What was with the delay of Lost in the Echo and the dead space between it and Burn It Down? Powerless is a Japanese single, so what's with a weak awareness video that features a fourth of the song? Is there going to be a complete video ever? Is there going to be another single? There's too many question marks in that last paragraph that can't be found on the same subject for the Meteora, Minutes and Suns eras.
  6. Interesting. I always assumed he just repeated the first two lines. I wasn't aware of the last two. I like it better though.
  7. That's the point, Captain Jack. I just think it's one of the band's weakest songs. Guitars we've heard plenty of before and I'm not a fan of the "lets be depressed and die" lyrics. It's almost a self-parody of every teen angst song... ever. I'm not sure where the idea that it was so great came from and I certainly don't agree that it's better than anything from A Thousand Suns. Points of Authority probably isn't their greatest work either, but it's still more poetic than, "put me out of my fucking misery." Almost all the other songs on MTM are tolerable to great though. Only minor qualms here and there.
  8. Yeah, you're right. I guess I'm just sick of feeling for Given Up. Can you tell me what the fuck is wrong with me? No thanks to track 2 of MTM.
  9. I'm sorry, are you sick of feeling? Suffocating? Other poorly written angst cliche?
  10. My only change would be replacing Given Up with something that's... you know... good.
  11. A Thousand Suns. It's probably the only song I can sing over without hearing my voice crack to pieces. I really hope this happens. I see myself spending a lot more alone time in the car if so.
  12. Hmm... Hard to say. When I was in the 8th grade I was stupid enough to only listen to singles. I don't think I heard the full album for another two years, but I would listen to One Step Closer, Crawling, Numb and Faint non-stop. I think it was around finally listening to MTM all the way through I became particularly obsessed. The first three albums were in consistent rotation all through 2009 for me. I'm not entirely sure I remember listening to anything else. :/
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