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  1. Hey guys, where is setlist from that concert ? :-)
  2. I wish this is true But, anyway LP must bring another songs from THP to their setlist. If not in Brazil, maybe in short time on next European tour.
  3. Brazil fans deserve something better then last night. This short tour should give fans some fresh stuff after boring Carnivores Tour. But like we all can see after last night, LP don't want to suprise us I hope that's Brad is, someone got any news about him ?
  4. Yeah, good point.But for others may be disappointing.Maybe they play APFMH other day. . .
  5. F**N awesome show ! LP's made my day :-) Btw, it looks like we have beyond 30k of people watching this concert. Source: http://www.gazetawroclawska.pl/artykul/3463075,linkin-park-wroclaw-koncert-na-stadionie-obejrzalo-ponad-30-tys-widzow-zdjecia-filmy,2,13,id,t,sm,sg.html#galeria-material
  6. Awesome! Thank you very much Felipe What else can i say... Thanks for sharing this with community.
  7. My picks; High Voltage, Forgotten, By Myself, Burning In The Skies. Maybe some new mashups like last year. I hope LP's will bring good stuff this year :-)
  8. Probably yes, but i'm sure that, we get another cool episodes from upcoming tour. Btw, nice one, i like this song, so i have fun watching this video.
  9. Another great, funny episode. Cool part with MJ "Billie Jean". Linkin Park in form like we all see in this video.
  10. Good news, nice to hear first's shows in Africa.
  11. Awesome work guys I hope you will relase DVD with full concert, because it's insane
  12. Hmm, seems like we don't hear new song on trip to South Africa. I wonder which setlist band choose this time.
  13. Hehe, i wanna hear you, Brazilian fans on dsp from that concert. I hope they include crowd on dsp's from this tour.
  14. No chance for some new songs from "Living Things" ? Maybe little setlist change for this tour.
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