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  1. NO LIL' WAYNE. This guy became shit recently. Kanye Might be decent. Good Rappers/Rap Groups to make a collaboration: 1. Nas (The best rapper alive) 2. The Game 3. Lupe Fiasco 4. Jedi Mind Tricks 5. Jedi Mind Tricks' Army of the Pharaohs would even be better because some Fort Minor-related artist are members of that super group 8. Three 6 Mafia 7. KRS-One 8. Eminem (might be a small chance, though) 9. Kid Cudi 10. Wiz Khalifa?
  2. I know most people here would get angry at me, especially the "Chester-dominant fans", but could Chester just STOP STEALING MIKE SHINODA'S SPOTLIGHT... What I mean is, in Burning In The Skies, verse two should be sung by Mike ALONE because that is what it is supposed to be. Why did Chester sung it with his voice louder than Mike's. It's okay if it's lower, but not louder like it is his part. The performance was okay but I think Chester should refrain from doing that.
  3. Dang. I don't have this version of the Fort Minor Militia. Thanks! LOL
  4. Does that mean that there is a possibility of a new Fort Minor Album? I hope there is! *** Fave Track: I love all the songs of FM but I always listen to Believe Me and one of the bonus tracks, There They Go.
  5. Coal reminds me of a beat Shinoda mad for the VMAs.
  6. Yeah. It's so strange that the only song that seems irremovable from LP's setlists got dropped. Crazy, ain't it?
  7. It's MTV's show... Don't be surprise if LP performed with Beaver next time...
  8. Isn't LPUX gonna be released this month... As far as I can remember, it was said that it will coincide Hybrid Theory's 10th anniversary... And if it's on the 24th, then it might come out soon this week... I might sound like an a**hole but that is what I can remember...
  9. Oops! Sorry, man. I just jumped in on your convo. My bad.
  10. Both Empty Spaces and Wisdom, Justice, and Love were done on the Argentina show recently, homey. The performance of When They Come For Me was so tight! It's like listening to a Fort Minor song with heavy instrumentals...
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