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  1. Thank god. I just thought it was hilarious how I made my little snide comment and in under a minute you come in with confirmation. I'm always happy when things like this happen, where somebody gets to be in the band that's always inspired them. Even though he's replacing a good friend and idol... If I'm being real though, I've always had a sort of wish that Chester would have been the new singer for Alice in Chains. Like, really badly I wanted that. Like- Oh, Chester is joining Alice in Chains, but the catch is Linkin Park is breaking up for good. I'd be like, shut the hell up and put out a remake of "I Stay Away" quick. That's how bad I would've wanted that. But STP is cool too. Chester belongs in a grunge band.
  2. Got to love people jumping on the "Chester Bennington is the new STP vocalist" bandwagon. Apparently performing on stage with and collaborating on one song with a band means you've joined it. I remember back in '04 when Jonathan Davis, Bert McCracken and Jay Z all joined Linkin Park. Move over, Slipknot.
  3. The LP/Coheed and Cambria/Chiodos tour leaps to mind. I'm a Coheed fan though, and they played with Slipknot shortly after that so it does get stranger. Yeah. The Black Keys seem feasible only as headliner or co-headliner. Linkin Park has mainstream seniority but bottom line is The Black Keys are far more relevant.
  4. Don't get me started on bands LP has toured with that were odd matches, and they worked out. Not enough I.
  5. I just imagined Linkin Park + The Black Keys and now my nips are hard.
  6. I'm aware that my bitching will have been an exercise in futility come April 1st when they inevitably announce LP but still.
  7. I just realized. Isn't this thread "Got News?" material? I don't get what's with sites these days spreading rumors and speculation as news. Shame.
  8. I kind of don't see them doing the same headliner two years back to back but who knows.
  9. Linkin Park should have their music video privileges revoked. Holy shit.
  10. My ideal tracklist for Minutes to Midnight is roughly this: 1. The Requiem 2. The Radiance 3. Burning in the Skies 4. Empty Spaces 5. When They Come For Me 6. Robot Boy 7. Jornada del Muerto 8. Waiting for the End 9. Blackout 10. Wretches and Kings 11. Wisdom, Justice, and Love 12. Iridescent 13. Fallout 14. The Catalyst And then instead of calling it "Minutes to Midnight", call it, "A Thousand Suns". And then throw those other 12 songs in the trash.
  11. Not the song as a whole, but the line has a good bite when you know the background.
  12. "Exit Through The Gift Shop: A Banksy Film" chronicles aspiring artist Thierry Guetta's introduction to the art world, meeting and apprenticeship with Banksy, and forays into the art scene himself as Mister Brainwash. The reference made in Until It Breaks; "I'm just a Banksy- you're a Brainwash- get the picture?" is probably Mike's best "boast" in any song I've heard. So if you want to get some background on that lyric, and watch a great documentary (or mockumentary, depending on who you ask- look into that after watching if you wish) while you're at it, give Exit Through the Gift Shop a try. On Netflix Instant On Hulu Plus
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