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  1. for a long time I didn't go to Lp.com, but... the main page it's a new thing?... probably it's new just for me, but it's amazing...
  2. cool video!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job LP!
  3. thank you Ana for that! sorry for my english, I'm tryin to understand why some people are still scared for those changes... I think LP is in continue change since 2000... for me HT is different to Meteora, very different... and MTM was different from the previous two...and ATS will sound like.. different...thanks God for that! this is LP, I don't think there's a song who describe their sound, the whole work of ten years make that!
  4. sorry off topic... new lpu episode... and.. in topic.. I think it's a link...
  5. I agree, that's what I'm thinking
  6. crif

    un ticinese in lplive...... interessante....ciao.. crif di taverne

  7. in a bus it's hard to sleep good
  8. chester's voice need a break---yesss
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