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  1. Hey everyone, I have some old tour t-shirts and hoodies that I am looking to part with. Where would be the best spot on here to post information on what I have and what I am looking for in exchange?
  2. Anyone have an extra ticket to the pit I can buy off them at a somewhat reasonable price? I bought 2 tickets for me and my brother when the pre-sale was going on and now my friend who I'm interested in said she wants to go. I want her to come but I sure the hell don't wanna pay the outrageous price of $250+ or whatever it is a pit ticket is going for on StubHub at the moment. If anyone does, please let me know, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  3. OK I just got the e-mail and it says Redeem your LPUX membership HERE by using the following unique code: Problem is there's no code in my e-mail....
  4. Amazing show! And yeah it got crazy real fast during Bleed It Out, the poor girls in front of me were being crushed. Props to the girl with her entire arm in cast btw for roughing it out in the pit. I'm pretty sure she got Chester to sign it. :-) Here's video of Wretches & Kings I got. Tried recording Waiting For The End too, but one of the event guys at the front of the stage climbed up and told me and the person next to me no recording....
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