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  1. So I was checking out LP's website today and decided to watch their short clip of Waiting For The End that they recorded during one of their live shows (yes i know the studio version is played over the video). While watching it I was impressed by the camera work. Might sound silly to some of you, but thinking back on Live in Texas and Road to Revolution, the camera work is FAR superior in this short little clip, IMO. Just curious what you all think. I wish they'd put out another Live DVD and put this much effort into the camera work
  2. I think the best beat he's ever made was the beat for "The Hard Way". If he thinks he's made something better, i wanna hear it now! lol
  3. So is this site getting renamed Julien-K live or something? It's like all I ever see is JK stuff. It's rather annoying. Come to check to see if there is anything new and I get excited cause I see a new post, but oh wait, it's just about Julien-K....
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