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  1. But Download is going to be released, not only Audio, but also Pro-shot, right ? Because, I can find some pro shots of previous Download festivals.
  2. Standing at the end of Final Masquerade
  3. http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/gener...e%22%20Premiere
  4. but we cannot put it in LP.com can we ? living thing edit; we cannot there is something more than meets the eye
  5. wow wow wow ! Listen folks I am not making anyone to read/reply at my posts . second just like a lot of the other fans I am a bit excited and I am just checking out stuff , who know MAYBE I'll find something . I dont care how many days are left I dont count them down. I know it's gonna come sooner or later . Third why getting pissed . Aren't we in a fan forum where we can discuss / share opinions . And last we've been through this many times before , but hey what's the big deal for still doing it . YOU are not , cool fine by me . I do it because i want to and I am not asking anyone to do the same . Everyone is free to do whatever he/she wants . Do Not snap at me or anyone here for expressing themselves . That's why i do write from time to time , because ppl these days snap at anything and anyone. I guess enough with the long post. Dont want to bother anyone . No hard feelings .
  6. No doubt everyone can do that and post a fake one . The thing is that it was actually REMOVED . so it may be out there . who knows
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4J_2Ryo6M8...player_embedded why would it be removed by Warner , if its fake ?! Could be out there ?! and who is the user that upload it ? P.S in the video info u can read -- > ....this is the confirmed intro to Burn it down ....
  8. This is the thing that kind of piss me off a bit . They kind of announce stuff and then ...we wait for a while . I know its a marketing thing I study this stuff , but this is the only thing that annoys me in this industry - The build up . So ppl can start talking about it and kind of get blown out of proportion . The excitement ! Don't get me wrong , but it's just checking everyday LPL , LPA and LPR is frustrating in a way .
  9. anyone that is in LPU ? any clues yet ? Part of me tells me that they could start releasing those snippet in the dates closer to its release . Maybe from 8th of April
  10. any predictions of when are we going to be able to unlock snippets , and do u think they'll announce it " ready.set.go" or we have to search the whole time ?
  11. exactly. in the beginning i though "shit , this might be it " , but the guy ruined everything with the rap lyrics.
  12. ha haha check this out ...so funny ...almost thought its a snippet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQw0IlXvObE although its a good beginning in the lyrics
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