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  1. Awesome I'll be in Hamburg & Frankfurt
  2. Your username: MusicIsHealthy Username of your nominee: rocksuvivor Which prize they would receive: iPod Touch Reason for nomination: One of the biggest reasons for nominating him, is probably because he's one of the most important ppl in my life and makes it much brighter and funnier than it ever has been <3 Even if 373 miles are between us, he's always there for me. We met each other through Linkin Park. That's why this band is even MORE important to us. Music is our biggest connection. Well, another reason why he should win this iPod is, bcuz his MP3 Player is a piece of s*** ;P (he can't even put all the LP stuff on it)
  3. I go to the Berlin show and maybe Munich Can't wait!
  4. I'm so f-ing excited about LPU 9. Can't wait to renew my membership
  5. Across the line and Fear. First song because it's "japan" and I always loved this one. And the second one because it's Mike singing this song. AWESOME.
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