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  1. I like what you did with the Faint Demo mixing it with the final version on Meteora. Goes together well. I also liked what you did with the Figure 09 demo, putting it together the demo with the final version of the song. Nice work on the songs!
  2. This is the email I got back from contato@roadtorevolutionbr.com On:Jan 01/30/10 10:32 PM Hi The linkinparkmedia LPinside and is down for maintenance will soon be with her in the air back. ok Thank you for contacting Junior Kenji
  3. I went through google cache and was able to get the email contact. I sent an email to contato@roadtorevolutionbr.com telling them about the error and hopefully they will look into it. I told them I could not access linkinparkmedia.com and pasted the error details.
  4. Faint(Demo 2002) and Figure 0.9(Demo 2002) are the best on the CD! Just heard the songs, I like how faint was put together, lyrics were really different from Meteora's version of the song. Gives a different insight on these songs, in the writing process and the final product of Meteora. It just goes to show you where these songs originated from. I like the Faint demo better than the one on Meteora, just has more kick to it, Mike raps a lot more in this version. I should make a music video to that faint demo someday.
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