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  1. Wow!You are ready. That is early I am hoping to be there at 8PM. If your going to meet and greet please ask mike to have roads untraveled on the set list. I am so excited to get there!
  2. I think Pusha will be coming out tonight on Good Goodbye since he is in Vegas as well tonight.
  3. I really like Sharp Edges, Halfway Right is okay as well. I don't really like the the title track "one more light". I am still waiting for other songs to trickle in to hear.
  4. Wow this is amazing I got a lot of vouchers. I hope they actually work. Thanks so much for this news I would never even have known.
  5. Looks, nice I wonder what cost would be.
  6. I am starting to think lp hates all there other music. It's been years since a setlist has really been different.
  7. I think. An 8 year old can produce a show better then this.
  8. Okay I am in hopefully didn't f##$UP being excited I tend to do that a lot. Edit. Of course I completly F$#@$UP Question 2/well sort of.
  9. Thanks for the info, i guess not worth signing up to see them play 16 songs that I heard I am sure for $105.
  10. Hi, can someone who has an LPU Membership check the ticket price of the show?
  11. I highly doubt it's Linkin Park from that picture, Brad doesn't have tattoos, nor is that his guitar. Looks more like red hot chilli peppers.
  12. I have to say I am amazed some people here think Chester voice sounded bad I been to a ton of shows like some of you here and he and the whole band sounded awesome live at this show more so the a few others I went to. They had great energy and this show comes 2nd to MSG that I went to and that show was incredible.
  13. Show was insane, lp had so much energy and speakers I think were at level 12. Victimized best new song to hear epic, with you was amazing to hear again it was non stop energy so good.
  14. They might have the tv set in Carson. I really hope whatever set it is they play in my remains and lost in the echo I want the set with the most new songs.
  15. Went to a show last year for them and was super disappointed and this looks like that are right on track with that disappointment. Adolescents Circles The Warmth Megalomaniac Nice to Know You If Not Now, When? Are You In? Made For TV Movie Hello (Lionel Richie cover) Anna Molly Quicksand A Kiss to Send Us Off In the Company of Wolves Promises, Promises Drive Pardon Me Sick Sad Little World Tomorrow's Food EDIT: IF THIS IS THE SET LIST, IT IS AT LEAST BETTER THEN LAST YEAR - I WAS DYING TO HEAR 'THE WARMTH' LIVE. IF THEY JUST THROUGH STELLAR IN THERE I THINK WE GOT SOM
  16. Thank you , also lp needs to throw some wretches and kings in there.
  17. Yeah they for sure need get rid of this setlist. On a second note anyone have incubs setlist?
  18. Haha I can believe that. When I go to some shows here even in CA crowds sometimes are so weak.NY/NJ usually have best crowds for me, though I been some good CA ones.
  19. Thanks for update on incubus strange that only mute math opening I never seen only one band open for LP in this setting.
  20. Does anyone have Incbus setlist also I am curious.
  21. I would assume to hear some new music I wonder how you get invited to this though?
  22. Hi Everyone thought you might be interested to know that Amazon.com has the MP3 Album for $4.99 today as well as every Previous Linkin Park album. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008B3H4V...;pf_rd_i=507846