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  1. Here's a vid I found on Instagram, from one of the Hip-hop medleys. http://instagram.com/p/oaWAbdgKBk/
  2. Alternate stream for those who wish http://videos.sapo.pt/CZ8C1zqj5ALz2azRGYkR
  3. Watching the stream right now. Awaiting anxiously for LP to come on stage. The downside is that you need to install iTunes and create an account. The upside is that the quality is excellent, at least for a stream.
  4. I'm freaking excited to hear the CD.
  5. The transition between Fallout and The Catalyst is so cool. Iridescent may be also my favorite song ever.
  6. I agree with Mike on When They Come For Me: "Everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first." Anyway, IMO this is the best LP album to date.
  7. My guess is that it is Wretches and Kings. It's even on the youtube tags and everything. Unless I'm wrong.
  8. Same. I could afford the package before, but $60 is just too much for me.
  9. I never heard so many frustration "f**ks" condensed in a 2:18 minute video. Just awesome.
  10. Congratz on that win. This means there are some previews coming soon
  11. I'm cool with 2 explicit tracks. Still, I'm wondering what that "A Thousand Suns: The Full Experience" track is all about.
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