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    02.09.2003 - Treptow Arena, Berlin 28.04.2007 - Kesselhaus, Berlin

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  1. Yeah it seems like a collab. with Heaven Shall Burn, cuz the have a song its called "Like a thousand suns". lool LP with Heaven Shall Burn
  2. Following LPU International its the St. Petersburg Setlist Edit: Damn too slow
  3. Hey u can hear on the 2nd verse from ITE the backround sound from PMA Nice Edit: Oh i was not the first person who heard this
  4. Finished the download but can't play DVD 1 error to play : dvd1\video_ts\video_ts.ifo Maybe damaged or something. Can somebody upload the .ifo file please
  5. 02.09.2003 - Treptow Arena Berlin My first LP concert. A little damaged cuz it was a rowdy night I have the poster from the canceled date 15.06.03 but no camere here i post it soon.
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