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  1. Just a quick request, can you please take a listen to my track: "CALM" on my Soundcloud, it is about the emotions of the story and an extension of "Fall Again" ( I tracked this for a demo when Aaron Lewis was starting 413 Records, the label did not release much, it was during the "cd to mp3 Napster / Limeware era ) Just wanted to get your feedback on that? Thank you!! You all are a great circle of enthusiasts and have been kind to me, so I just wondered? I am also thinking about doing a live stream on my channel maybe with more surprises, so if I could get some interest in that that would
  2. I have converted the original XERO audition tape in GREAT quality. I took the song down from Soundcloud out of respect to the release. Siri now recognizes a song on the demo I have had for 20 years ( Pictureboard )... the others are clear to post, I assume. I have the video they requested for the audition process (at least one band member has confirmed they went through the same process per Mark T) The audio tape is in perfect condition and plays well, the handwriting of "Xero" is most certainly Mike's. I have versions of the tunes when the rapping was the focus of the tune and the singin