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  1. Mike is actually gangster, I miss when he used to rap like that back in the day. Post Traumatic had some great songs like that. I.O.U. and Lift Off, RFMS. Damn. I loved Mike’s gangster persona on some of the FM stuff (mostly We Major and stuff). Mike is also from L.A. and grew up with kids from the streets like S.O.B. Etc. LP fans hate that kind of stuff but I think it’s cool.
  2. I thought the demo or whatever it was he shared was pretty damn good. It’ll be cool to have a finished up for release version on Apple Music.
  3. Well this is exactly what I was trying to say. It’s just lyrics. He’s not like that in real life. It reminds me of the song Criminal by Eminem. In the beginning of the song he talks about just because he says things in a song doesn’t mean he is going to do those things in real life. It’s just part of the hip hop world and Mike grew up with hip hop of all kinds so it’s kind of natural. Besides the lyrics really aren’t what most people are going to care the most about on a Steve Aoki album.
  4. I don’t see how. He has had aggressive lyrics like that in many songs, look at There They Go as one of many examples ‘’Crack you over the head with a bottle of beer’’ etc. Besides it’s more or less a metaphor in this song; he isn’t literally saying he is going to burn down a building and even if he did, it’s just a song. I have replayed this song so many times, it’s amazing. Love everything about it. I’ll be listening to it for years to come.
  5. That’s just because everyone here is so serious and tense and isn’t about the party lifestyle. Trust me it’s not a bad lyric.
  6. Don’t care for Sometimes that much. I don’t like how they added vocals to parts that seem cut and pasted like during the breakdown of this and Sickness. Seems like something a fan would make on YouTube. I’ll give the full album a listen but not expecting much as I’ve now heard 3 songs and they are sub par.
  7. The lyrics are fucking great. Not sure what everyone’s problem is. Love the burn this motherfucker down part. Great verses lyrics from Mike, some of my favorite ever. Lights also does very good in this song. Totally a great feature. I really love this song a lot. Maybe even more than ALTNC and I like it more than DTB which I also love.
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