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  1. Anyone have the original mp3? LPLive Archive one doesn't work once extracted, needs a password.
  2. The best heavy song is GU and Qwerty
  3. They made a good choice to make White Noise then cuz it's an amazing track. Blows away 90% of their heavier songs prior to like New Divide.
  4. Carousel is my favorite pre-album song so I choose that one. However I didn’t like what they did to the song after the HTEP version because it became way less dark and the vocals lost so much energy. And One is another good one. I could see it fitting well with the composition used in live shows for it.
  5. Don said they wrote the record in about 3 months. I know earlier versions of the songs exist but they’re just demos and weren’t under the Linkin Park name. Makes more sense to me to group the stuff as when the band officially started with the name and did shows under the name.
  6. The weird thing is that Joe said there were 3 songs used for Mall from the LP vaults and they very clearly were White Noise, Luna and Warm Spell. I wonder when they decided to throw Ammosick into the movie as well. Seems strange to dig up a demo so old from the MTM era. I know they tried to work on it again for ATS but really nothing changed for it except for an intro and outro noise and a few different word changes.
  7. Let’s see how soon it will take for the merch to be shilled. That’ll be the celebration, 70 dollar t-shirts and everything else they can think of with the ‘’HT anniversary’’ stuff on it. What is this band doing? Why haven’t we got any box sets yet of each of the 7 albums or even more like all the remix albums and stuff too with unreleased b-sides and demos on each (and not shit fake instrumentals like the LPU gave us, actual ones that clearly exist from the making of’s and other sources) plus a unreleased live show with each one from that era, etc. By 2020 I already expected a box set for each album, Reanimation, Collision Course, Recharged, etc. like 2 years ago. If they aren’t ready to continue at least give the fans who stuck by them for the last 20 years something epic for now, we lost someone too, and all that unreleased stuff deserves to see the light of day, Chester should never be forgotten or replaced. And one more thing, the HT era was never in the 90’s. Wtf?? Linkin Park became a band in May of 2000 and didn’t release the Hybrid Theory album (their debut album, very first release) until October 24, 2000.
  8. Yup. I wonder if the song will be completed and released in some capacity. Will be cool since we have seen every process of the song basically so far. Didn’t he say he wanted to do this with LFAA back in ‘17? Maybe this is future LP stuff.
  9. Could be true. I remember right after Chester died in 2017 they said they wanted to release the unreleased DBS stuff but obviously it never happened. And when that Demo CD leaked in early 2018, they never said anything on it. We probably will never get the stuff, sadly.
  10. Seconded. Would like to know. This is a great '09 show, Given Up sounds better than all other shows of 2009 IMO. The rest of the set isn't bad, either. But I never knew this about OSC.
  11. It's not bad I just wish there were heavier guitars. She Shines I'm hoping still has that hard rock edge it had on the original or even heavier maybe, it's my favorite GD track. B12 is also pretty good.
  12. Don’t get why they focused on the vocals solely. It’s not like any of the vocals on this album are that amazing. This isn’t Iridescent or something. Lol. Wish they kind of kept the rock vibe for some of these songs. Soul Song is like that too.
  13. Good luck trying to figure out all of these MTM promo performances from March 2007. I couldn't do it!
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