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  1. Thank you guys so much for giving me #3!! Really means a lot. Much love. I really appreciate you putting me at #1!
  2. Dude... that's me in the bottom photo of the first post. Haha. In the gray shirt talking to Adam -- that was on July 21. The album was cool. Personally I loved "Finest Hour," and "Roll Me Under" might be my favorite track. Gutt has pretty much the same vocal timbre as Weiland, which is wild. Me and a buddy discussed last night about how he even pronounces certain words like Chester... probably the best fit for the band that STP could've found.
  3. What's up my friends! Long-time LPL user/lurker (had a different username back in the 'Minutes to Midnight' era, lol), even longer-time friend of Hahninator & Astat, and even-longer time LP fan right here. Thought I'd make a comeback to LPL by sharing my remix... check it out below:
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