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  1. Yeah, me too... it still doesn't feel real, even though I know I was there. It just feels like a dream. I wish I could thank them for doing that show. It was so important to me, to all of the fans, I think... and I assume that it was also important for the band, because now they know that they can do it without Chester... even if it's not the same and it hurts as ****
  2. That's what I said to a friend just a few hours ago. They definitely COULD do it. They could do a decent setlist with Mike singing and maybe some cool "tricks" like at the hollywood bowl (Chester on the screen for example) The fans would LOVE this. But are they ready to do it? It seemed like it last friday...but who knows? I wish they would do that
  3. You've got a point. All of what you've said is true. But.... what do you guys think? IF they continue.... how would they start? Do you think they would end the OML era with a tour? (I suppose they originally wanted to continue touring in 2018) And then go back to the studio? If they do it that way, I think there's a chance we will see them in 2018. I don't mean to rush them... but I think it'd be good for the band and the Fans.
  4. Thank you. I agree with you. I would rather not hear the heavy stuff live than not hearing them live at all anymore. And I think they'd find a way to create a good setlist. I trust them.
  5. I think you made a lot more out of it than what we were trying to say! He kind of made a u-turn when he saw the fans, even though the Van was so close. Nobody expected anything from him, but if you saw it, you would probably think the same. No one said something about a M&G or anything. He could've just waved, say hi and get in the car. Boom. But he literally stormed off. Nobody is blaming him or is putting this in a negative direction... it's just waaay different to how the others handled it and I don't think that was about Brad being shy. It just didn't have that feeling, you know? I
  6. It's definitely understandable! And maybe it doesn't mean anything... or maybe it means a lot. I don't know. It just gave me a certain feeling that some members might be more ready to face the everyday life of a band than others. Yeah they probably will look back on that if they decide to keep going!
  7. Yeah, that's kinda how I'm feeling too. I think it's veeery hard for Brad and maybe Rob too. I mean... just think about the fact that Dave, Joe and Mike interacted with fans after the show and Dave and Mike even went to the afterparty (I didn't see Joe, so I don't know if he was there) but when Brad saw a couple of fans at the back entrance, he left right away and went back inside. I'm not angry at him or anything, that just made me feel like he wasn't ready to "move on" and go "back on tour", you know what I mean? I gotta say I'm pretty scared about Linkin Park's future. I didn't really
  8. Thanks for putting this into words! My friend and I came from Germany and we met so many Fans on the streets, we had a lot of great conversations and it felt so awesome to be in one place with countless Fans for this. I'm still speechless about this whole trip and I don't think I'll ever be able to describe how I'm feeling, but you did great
  9. Absolutely! Mike did great and I'm really proud of him for stepping up and trying to sing some more. Also... the other guys really don't have bad singing voices at all, they're a great back up for him! I just hope they'll continue as a band. I mean... Mike even said that making music is helping him and I really hope that the concert helped them realize that they still need concerts and the fans. I really don't want to lose them as a band And yeah, those lights were amazing! It was also a perfect location... Hollywood Bowl is beautiful!
  10. True... but at the same time it did feel like he was there. It was such a weird feeling. A thing I've noticed is that the band tried out a bunch of different things on stage... They did songs with guests, let the fans sing, showed Chester on a screen with his voice in the background, Mike sang a few songs... And everything was working out. So I guess they still could do concerts with all the old songs if they mix it up a bit like this. I think they got a great feedback from the fans at the venue and at home and I hope it motivates them to keep going. I think they needed this concert as mu
  11. I stil can't believe that I was actually there and saw all of it with my own eyes. I loved it. Every second of it. We cried, we laughed, we sang, we celebrated Chester and supported the band as hard as we could What an amazing night. Loved every performance, especially Oli's, even if I didn't like him before but he did great! And Mike was so brave doing all the singing... the others as well. Just amazing.
  12. I just can't see Oli Sykes as a new lead singer... And I don't really think that they'd pick someone famous, idk why. I think if they really decide to get a new singer they'll pick someone unknown, in my opinion that'd be the best thing they could do. Because if they go for someone that is popular everyone will be biased and that'd suck. On the other hand.. If you guys are right and they would really pick someone who's performing with them in Cotober... I'd be super happy if they'd go with Machine Gun Kelly, because I like him, but I don't think he could pull it off with his voice.
  13. But that's only because you can't really sell the tickets because the credit card holder which paid for the tickets needs to be there. I think that's a good thing. Reselling those tickets to gain a lot of money would be reaaally crappy.
  14. How long will the show be? What do you think? A normal two hours or more like three hours? I mean... we still don't know if all these announced acts are gonna be like a "support act" before LP hit the stage or if they'll all perform with the guys... or maybe it's like 50/50? I'm ecxiteeeeeeed