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  1. The Club Tattoo 11th Anniversary page on the Bucket Of Weenies section doesn't exist anymore BTW
  2. Omg two songs already sounding so amazing! I can't wait to hear the rest
  3. Great interview. German interviews are always deep and unique, when Chester REALLY opened up about his mental illness it was for a German interviewer as well. I am so thankful to DexLP for putting effort into translating this one. Other than that, I agree with everthing Hahninator said but I must add that even though Chester is gone and we can't do anything about it we must learn to pay attention to our words online, when directing it to artists, they're after all highly sensitive people, let alone artists with severe mental illness combined, that will always put a bit of responsibilty on the way other people and fans act around them. There's never a day that goes by without me missing Chester.
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