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  1. 01. Papercut - Powerful 02. One Step Closer - Green 03. With You - Hybrid 04. Points of Authority - Hip Hop 05. Crawling - Emotional 06. Runaway - Tiring 07. By Myself - Epic 08. In the End - Overrated 09. A Place for My Head - Screams 10. Forgotten - Rain 11. Cure for the Itch - Scratches 12. Pushing Me Away - Beautiful
  2. Hi guys! Here you can share your track-by-track reviews of any LP album. You have to describe each song with one word: [example] 01. "Papercut": (and you put one word that you think that describes Papercut here) 02. "One Step Closer": and so on... I'll put my reviews in a few weeks. I hope you like it, and so we can discuss of our fav LP albums.
  3. Are they going to do a South American tour?
  4. crawling was in rb3? i didn't knew that. so i want papercut for rb4!
  5. the demo is from 1997, but probably they continued playing it, even when chester was in the band.
  6. i'm not sure. i don't remember crawling in rb3.
  7. 01. crawling 02. numb 03. papercut 04. in the end 05. breaking the habit 06. somewhere i belong 07. what i've done 08. final masquerade 09. all for nothing 10. lost in the echo
  8. i wish so. but if i have to chose i'd chose papercut or crawling.
  9. wow! this wasn't expected. i hope they do a south american tour too. that would be great!
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