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  1. Glad you enjoyed my footage. The camera I used to film it was very low quality. One of those small handheld Canon miniDV's.
  2. I'm unsure about any type of expiration but would be curious to find this out. Who knows if they even filed away or kept these documents. Nowadays it could be easier for them to scan them in fast or acquire a digital signature. I haven't filmed in 10 years now so I would have no idea. As far as being arrested, there must have been something else going on behind the scenes for that to happen. Sounds pretty extreme or a set up to me. None of the core filmers from the era of Dean and I had anything happen. Of course if someone was stealthing a show they'd get popped here and there but we always had a spare blank on us to try and flip to security. It was all about creativity back then and it should still be. A filmer I will not name actually filmed Fear Factory at Ozzfest from a porto potty, and cut a hole in the little screen to stick his lens & mic out of. I came around a bit later than most of the guys, and was always the one who got permission to film. I was horrible at stealthing a show (way too paranoid), so I just stuck to what I was good at, networking and talking my way into filming.
  3. I appreciate all the laughs in this thread. My name is Brad, i've been somewhat lurking on these boards for a while now. I have some uncirculated Linkin Park tapes that are definitely sought after. But after been harassed on Email, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by Felipe for the last year I kind've lost interest in even trying to transfer anything over. All of the filmers from the early years have all gone different directions in their lives. None of us got arrested, hit by the FBI or had anything negative happen. We just loved music and all helped each other film all the bands we loved. It was a very small circle of us that did it for fun and some for the thrill. I always filmed with a pass or permission and my Linkin Park footage was all authorized and legal. I even had talks with Chester and Mike a few times and they honestly don't care if fans record their shows. But that's another topic as a whole. I have a video from a House of Blues show in 2001 (Taproot/AAF tour), but my problem is that I signed a waiver form. When I signed my name on that form, it included a rights grabbing agreement. Since the House of Blues logo is dead center in the background, they own that footage. If it were to end up on Youtube and I was the only one who had access to a video camera in the pit, who will they try and contact? The chances of that happening are very slim, but would you want a black cloud over your head glooming? I sure don't. Maybe someday i'll re-consider, but realize that maybe some of the footage you seek has legal ramifications behind to why it's not in your archives. Don't ever take it personally, because the people filming and taking photos could be just as big of fans as you guys. (I was LPU back in the day, so I fully understand your passion for this band). I've always done things a legit as possible, sure guys like Dean would stealth a ton and he was phenomenal at it. I was contacted by D 7 on this board and he is a very cool dude. I sent him one of my Linkin Park Ozzfest 2001 barricade masters today along with some other footage he's transferring over for me. I will log in here on occasion and lurk as well, but please, don't harass filmers from that era. Sending a nice, general email and being polite will get your much further. Can't wait for the summer tour, i'll be drinking beers and enjoying the show just like everyone else. Cheers! -Brad
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