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'CASTLE OF GLASS' Contest Winners


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In April, Linkin Park held a contest for 'CASTLE OF GLASS', saying, "We're looking for artists, illustrators, painters, and designers. Send us your artwork inspired by the music and/or lyrics from our song "CASTLE OF GLASS." The winner will get a cash prize of $500, and we'll also print our favorite design on a t-shirt and sell it on tour and in our official merchandise store, plus send you a signed copy of the t-shirt you designed."


The winners were just announced....


Posted Image

Dika Tookit's submission won first place! Dika goes by the name Toolkit04 here on LPLive. linkinpark.com says: "Congratulations to Dika Toolkit whose design "Lost" was selected as the overall winner chosen by us. In addition to a $1000 cash prize and a signed and framed copy of her winning T-shirt design, we will produce and sell a t-shirt with her design on tour and in our merchandise store."


Additionally, the band adds, "We would also like to congratulate Marcos Vinicius Feijo. His design "Silver Wing" received the most number of votes from fans. He will receive $500 and a special 1-Off print of his design signed by the band."


Dika is an exceptional graphic designer - his Deviantart account is very evident of that. He had the opportunity to meet the band in 2011 in Jakarta as well. Here's a picture of him with Mike. Dika's friend vyonizr states, "His artwork has surprised Mike since Gelora Bung Karno M&G (September 21st 2011). Mike even slammed the table when this happened." If you remember our 2010 European Tour poster for our website, Dika designed that with Thomas (Overkill)!


Very cool! Congratulations!

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Continuing my post from here


As promised, I found the video when Mike slammed the table! He looked like an angry man haha



Dika passed the poster to my friend Tebe. The poster got signed after Dika left. So Mike didn't know that the person he met on the photo above was Dika lol. Then Mike told Tebe to tell Dika to send the copy of the poster to Jim Digby.



Hello Dika,

I have received your email and forwarded it along to the appropriate folks.

Thanks for being such an amazing fan, we look forward to another great trip to Jakarta in the future.




I know that story - Dika told it me too... Did he not even get a business card or something like that ? Mike was very interessted at Dika's art

No he didn't. But he got Jim's E-Mail. :) Edited by vyonizr
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