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Vladivostok Rocks - Russia


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So far away from most of Russia lol, wow.

I'm confident that anywhere in Russia is pretty far away from most of Russia... :lol:


on another note, has the WHWY touring cycle pretty much finished now? they already appear to be working on a few things in the studio and I'm curious if that's it for this album

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wow i somehow missed this announcement. holy crap, what a random place to play a show. Had to look it up on google maps to fully understand where this really is. Probably a really cool place, looks very nice.

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Well, last year, Julien-K was touring with MSI and they were going to go to Russia with MSI, but something prevented them from entering the country. Anyone remember that? MSI got in, but JK didn't, and Ryan was super pissed and ranting on Facebook and Twitter. I assume this may be an attempt to make up to the Russian fans, although, a lot of the Russian fans would probably have to travel far to see them. Random place.

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