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JK to play at the Viper Room, W. Hollywood, CA 27.04.13


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Epic. I wish I could go to this. Haven't seen Julien-K live since Projekt Revolution 2007. I tried to go to a show in 2009 but it ended up not working out. Sucks. I assume there will be a webcast like last year.

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It would be awesome if Chester joined Julien-K for a song or two at this show. Ryan is also celebrating his birthday at this show, even though it was last week or something. Also, LP isn't doing much this year so he definitely should. It sucks that Chester moved back to Arizona because when he lived in LA, he used to come out on tons of Julien-K shows, look at the show pages!


EDIT: New song was played called ''All This From The Sky''. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=609921...e=2&theater Sounds awesome!

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Jonas has been trying to get the set from Julien-K's facebook fans. Sucks that it's so hard to get sets sometimes. Someone did post this, though.


''Jonas : flashpoint riot, surrounded by cowards, breakfast in Berlin , kick the bass, fail with grace, were here with you, spiral , cruel daze of summer, ( new song All this from the sky), Palm Springs reset, I'll try not to destroy you, colorcast someday soon (live headcleanr remix) A few might be out of order but I'm going off of memory lol.''

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Posted Image



01. Flashpoint Riot

02. Surrounded By Cowards

03. Breakfast In Berlin

04. Spiral

05. Fail With Grace

06. Kick The Bass

07. I'll Try Not to Destroy You

08. We're Here With You

09. All This From The Sky

10. Colorcast

11. Palm Springs Reset

12. Cruel Daze Of Summer

13. Someday Soon (Headcleanr Remix)

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It's not that they did it every time they played there. Maybe they just didn't think about doing it. This was the first show in 5 months. Maybe it was because of the new song, or maybe they just wanted to enjoy that night.

Last year was a video webcast, I think they did it mainly for the US fans because they haven't really toured there for a while.

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