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The Soldier!


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So, I've been registered to this site for years, and I come here quite often, but I never really post much of anything. Hell, this year was my first time seeing LP play live, and I've been a dedicated fan for YEARS.


Anyways, while roaming around YouTube a while ago, I came across this, fan made album, entitled "The Solider". I was a bit hesitant to listen to it, until I found out what it was. Whoever made this album, made "studio remakes" of LP songs they do live! And they sound fantastic!






IT IS SO SEXY! The 'Faint" opener is brilliant, the transitions are great, it's pretty fucking amazing.




Faint (Extended Intro & Outro)

Papercut (Extended Intro)

Don't Stay (Extended Intro)

Somewhere I Belong (Extended Intro)

What I've Done (Extended Intro)

New Divide (Extended Intro)

Points Of Authority (Extended Intro)

Numb (Extended Intro & Outro)

Breaking The Habit (Extended Intro)

From The Inside (Extended Intro)

No More Sorrow (Extended Intro)

Crawling (Extended Intro)

With You (Extended Intro & Outro)

In The End (Extended Intro)

A Place For My Head (Extended Intro)

One Step Closer (Extended Intro & Outro)



It kinda sucks that there aren't any 'A Thousand Suns' or 'Living Things' songs, but either way, this is brilliant!


I hope you all find this as amazing as I did!


(P.S, there is a download link on their facebook page. I take absolutely NO credit for this)

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