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Linkin Park - 26.09.2000 Columbus, OH - CANCELED !?


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I stumbled upon this last night, and I was wonder if there is anyone out there who can confirm or deny it. I didn't want to add it to the guide cause I have only this source for this and I have no idea how reliable it is. It was posted on the same day the show should have happened just a few hours before


(4:55 PM PST 09/26/2000)

Linkin Park have canceled their performance in Columbus, OH tonight, September 26th due to an illness in the family of lead singer Chester Bennington. The band apologize for their absence and will make up the date as soon as possible. Meanwhile the other members of the band will be at tonight's show to hang out with the fans. They are still expecting to play tomorrow, September 27th's show in Detroit.

Source: http://www.theprp.com/oldnews/41141.html (scroll down a bit)


It seems it wasn't mentioned on LP.com back then neither it can be found on Pushmeaway.com. It would be really awesome if someone else can digg out some info about it or find at least another source that confirms it. I had no luck myself.

I thought about posting this also in the LPU, but I guess more people would read it here.


EDIT: I added it to the canceled shows, this thing solved a lot quicker than I expected.

Xero tour dates anyone? haha

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