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Your dream HT/M DVD


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Hello fans, if you thought the lp release a special DVD to commemorate the Ivy "hybrid theory and meteora" I was wondering the other day and thought imagining they release a DVD called "hybrid theory and meteora Ivy" imagine a set list only of classics being played again and still recorded on dvd would be epic imagine a set list of these:


2.don 't stay

3.somewhere i belong


5.lying from you


7.With you



10.points of authority

11.high voltage

12.earsin to run


14. from the inside

15.figure 0.9

16. it's goin down

17.hit the floor

18.by myself

19. in the end

20. forgotten

21.my december

22.and one

23.breaking the habit


25. pushing me away (hybrid theory version)

26.step up

27.reading my eyes


29. a place for my head

30.one step closer


what do you think fans worldwide? Who would like to hear those songs live again? what do you think?

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Instead of putting all the effort into re-learning all of those songs and playing a 30-song set that would probably wreck Chester's voice to the point of requiring surgery afterwards, how about they just release a PR04 DVD?

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