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Julien-K Updates: Touring & WHWY Deluxe Edition


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Some news from Julien-K camp:


- Julien-K released a remix for the song 'Hey Tovarish! 'by a Russian band Mumiy Troll. You can buy it on iTunes

Posted Image

- They are planning a tour together, which will include a show or few in Russia. This was confirmed by Ryan on Facebook in comments to one of their posts.

Posted Image


"WE'RE HERE WITH YOU" - DELUXE EDITION is going to be released on September 11.

iTunes Deluxe Edition package tracklisting:

01. We're Here With You

02. Surrounded By Cowards

03. Cruel Daze Of Summer

04. Breakfast In Berlin

05. Palm Springs Reset

06. Colorcast

07. Close Continuance

08. Nights Of Future Past

09. Flashpoint Riot

10. I'll Try Not To Destroy You

11. Dregs Of The World (WHWY Mix)

12. Whore (Julian Kaye Version)

13. 1000 Years Of Destruction

14. Colorcast (Decode Radio Remix)

15. Breakfast In Berlin (La-Ex Remix)

16. Palm Springs Reset (Battle Tapes Remix)

17. I'll Try Not To Destroy You (Forums Remix)

18. Nights Of Future Past (Polar Moon Remix)

19. We're Here With You (Craig Williams Remix)

20. Breakfast In Berlin (The Handclap Situation Remix)

We're Here With You (Video)

Breakfast In Berlin (Video)

Cruel Daze Of Summer (Video)

Flashpoint Riot (Video)

iTunes Digital Booklet (Deluxe Version with new design)

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lmao no comments...


does anyone care for these guys anymore?

I read this in draft form. already knew what was posted.

I would see this guys if they came to the UK



this ought to be posted in the JK forum too, Serg

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Finally the studio version of Dregs

I love it. I also like the updated version of Whore, but I think 1000 Years Of Destruction is the best of the 3 non remix bonus tracks. I've always loved Dregs. Also, the Flashpoint Riot video is really cool and it has not been released anywhere before, so check that out...

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