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My December from which live was in the album"Songs from the Underground" from?


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My December was performed on the following shows in 2008:


16.01.2008 Hannover

17.01.2008 Amneville

21.01.2008 Köln

22.01.2008 Paris

24.01.2008 Nottingham

27.01.2008 Manchester

28.01.2008 London


12.02.2008 Omaha

13.02.2008 St. Paul

18.02.2008 Manchester

19.02.2008 Baltimore

(21.02.2008 SoHo)

21.02.2008 New York

22.02.2008 Montreal

25.02.2008 Lexington

26.02.2008 Nashville

29.02.2008 Oklahoma

06.03.2008 Las Vegas

07.03.2008 Las Vegas

10.03.2008 Sacramento


Anybody willing to compare? I think the only thing that might help is the crowd noise at the end.

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Just done a compare (a very quick one at that) but i think it might be 13/2/08 St. Paul, Minnesota. It's the only one that sounds even remotely like the SFTU one imo.


What does anyone else think?


PS. I checked all the ones listed by AndOne except 10/3/08 as i don't have it. So it could possible be that.



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