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Mike's Top 2008 Songs


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Check out Mike's list of 10 songs from 2008 (and previous) that he likes. You can view the list here.


Of course 'Cyanide' by Metallica is great, and I love 'Waiting Room' as well, but this one got my attention because when I got The Roots' latest CD, it was an instant hit for me:


"2. "Rising Down," The Roots feat. Most Def and Styles P

"For a while it felt like they were trying to do the mainstream commercial thing, but the Roots and mainstream commercial aren't really meant for each other. This song is a monster: very conscious, very dark, very political. I don't think, like, Soulja Boy could pull it off." The YouTube version of the song is



He also linked up a nice sampler on one of his newest blog posts. If you have the patience to listen to the songs, you can listen to them here. There's some interesting ones in this mix that I like.


How is everyone's January going? Freezing? Snowy?

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