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Exclusive Ryan Shuck’s interview for Russian fans


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Ryan Shuck is a former guitarist of Orgy, and also a guitarist and a backup singer of Dead By Sunrise and a permanent leader of Californian band — Julien-k, based in 2003 and continuing to win listeners to this day. Julien-K is the one of the few bands that represents its own unique style in the music industry. They have already released two albums successfully: Death To Analog and We’re Here With You. WHWY has even took the second place in Itunes Electronic charts. We want to note that guys of Julien-K always maintain very friendly relations with their fans, communicate with fans everytime. And … Julien-K is a one big family! Be with us!

Several weeks ago we offered Julien-K’s frontman Ryan Shuck to give a special interview for the Russian fans. We had chosen the most interesting questions from «Ryan Shuck Russia» community and «Julien-K Russia» fan club. We want to say that all of us are grateful to Ryan. He agreed to participate in the interview, he paid attention in spite of all (he’s very-very busy man). We want to note Ryan is an amazing man with whom you want to communicate more and more, he is an incredibly talented guy, a workaholic and a real expert businessman… Also Ryan Shuck is a very lovely and sociable guy..!


1) What’s your brightest childhood impression?

Probably going to see “Star Wars” when it came out… * laughing*… Wow! That movie blew my mind. Next would be skateboarding with my friends…


2) We know you were interested in drawing and wanted to study it. Do you draw now? And what?

I almost never draw now. Unfortunately. I am just too busy with my music, touring, owning 4 busy restaurants, and more… I seldom have time to focus on other activities…


3) I know you had a hard relationship with your real father… Do you meet and communicate with him now?

I do not.


4) I try to play guitar and want to do it as cool as you. So… What’s your favorite guitarist?

I don’t really have one. I’m not super focused on guitar players so much these days. I grew up loving Robert Smith of The Cure…


5) You and Amir have such a great creative duet … And you’re intimate buddies. So how did you meet Amir?

I met Amir through Jay Gordon (Orgy). Amir and I quickly became best friends. In some ways, we always held it together through all the crazy times of Orgy…


6) What does music mean to you?

It means everything to me. It is very powerful. It’s the soundtrack for my life. It drives me, relaxes me, distracts me, excites me…


7) I saw photos of your nephew Ever. The cutest guy! Do you love children and do you want to have an own kid?

I would love that, but more important is finding the right partner in life – THEN kids…


8 ) How did you meet Ilya Lagutenko of Mumiy Troll? And do you plan to have a joint show with these guys in Russia?

Actually, his son turned him on to our music, and now he is a huge fan, we did a really amazing remix for their new song “Hey, Tovarich!”. I love the song!! They came to see us at The Viper Room and were so blown away that they hooked us up with their Russian manager so that we could try to get to Russia. We are so excited that this may help us come over there!!!! The Mumiy Troll guys are very powerful over there (in Russia). Very good friends to have. I personally think the guys are a really great group of guys.

9) Do you know somebody from Russian showbiz (except Mumiy Troll) and what Russian bands or singers you like?

I don’t. Russian culture is very-very different and separated from American culture. Americans really don’t see whats going on in Russia. When we met Mumiy Troll we were blown away. We absolutely loved them. So were excited to see more. Also, our favorite videographer is Russian (Katya Tsiagonova), and we are making at least 3 more videos with her. So we are VERY interested in Russians and how amazing the art culture is there. Kate Roof is another amazing artists that we would like to work with in the future. By the way, Kate, we showed Chester Bennington the picture you painted of him. He was absolutely blown away. He wanted me to tell you personally.


10) Matter of life or death! Please, share your recipe «How i became a rock star»!

There is no recipe. In fact, I didn’t try at all. I worked as a hairdresser for years and years, and played music because I loved it. When Korn got big playing music I wrote, then I realized that I was actually good in a commercial sense. That people would actually PAY for my work… Then I got a bit more serious and started Orgy. Korn then signed us… The rest is history.


11) I’m an old Julien-k fan and I collect JK stuff… So I want to know when you plan to release SDS Vinyl V2? I bought the first one last year — it blew my mind! Perfect live sound!

No plans yet. The last SDS vinyl was really an experiment. We just wanted to do something special for our fans. We’ll always try to do interesting things for our fans depending on what we think is unique and cool at the time.


12) How you can describe new Julien-K style in just one word?



13) Tell us about the meaning of any Julien-k song.

We’re Here With You is a “call to arms” in a party/fun fashion. It’s a militant dance party song. Its intended to set the live show up and call everyone out for just standing there


14) What would you like to say to Russian Julien-k fans and members of «Ryan Shuck Russia» community?

I would say that you all have no idea how much i appreciate your support and love. It makes me so excited to get over there and play and share what our live energy with you..!


Ryan, all of us wish the next interview would be «face to face». We madly want to see Julien-K in Russia, and we try to make a dream come true, we turn new people on your music. We are grateful to Julien-K for remarkable music… It’s our lifestyle. Thanks!


Thank you for the questions and participation: Alina Spiridonova, Valeria Agapova, Julia Ivanova, Kate Roof, Tanya “Requiem Girl”, Victoria Grozditskaya, Nastya Lostmuse, Margaret “Shuck” Rovbo and Ko! And thank you to everybody that read this interview!





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