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OK since we dont have no more LP Live performances.. what they should do to their old songs? we all know that LP likes to update their songs with new intros/outros


what would you do to LP's songs?


i have 2 ideas


1) Mike rapping the full Jay's verse (Collision Course style)


2) they should create a super new version of PMA starting with the piano (verse 1) the chorus would be studio version and then add P5HNG bridge, or something like that! i cant explaint it but it would be fucking awesome all i want its a mix of the 3 versions of this song


and this is not an update but, they should end all of their sets with APFMH/OSC thats the best ending EVER

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Update One Step Closer. Add new powerful bridge, update outro, extend last chorus. New intro, which can work between APFMH and OSC would be cool. They need to make that song very long and close every show with it.


Create brand new and powerful intro to Papercut. Use it in every setlist. Remove POA for ever.


Stop playing Somewhere I Belong in every setlist. I know, it's lead single of Meteora, but it's totally bored... I love album version, but live version sucks for me... Brand new intro, outro, updated bridge can help it sound cool... My idea would be - rewrite guitar and drums parts for that song, let's make guitars heavier than in album (Now for some reasons SIB guitar parts sounds too weak comparing to album version, imo) and very heavy drums.


Do some acoustic guitar MTM versions. LOATR? :D I'm saying it, because LOATR are most boring song of the setlist now...


Add Joe elements to No More Sorrow and Given Up. Joe does NOTHING during these songs. I hate that.


Play Lockjaw in setlists instead Wake. Wake is very bored too. I love when Given Up is playing without Wake, with Mike saying "one-two-three" over intro.


And add some fire effects to the show. I know, Chester hates pyrotechnics, but, still I'm dreaming to see some fire effects at the show (Fire effects without any blowing up at first and last songs only...)... Sorry, If you didn't understand what I wanna to say... My english is poor.


I have no good ideas now :(

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I agree with STOP PLAYING SIB. It's so old and it's annoying to hear live IMO. I also thought they should bring back And One in an encore in at least one of their setlist. It's an old classic, it would sure get the fans pumping.

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I totally agree bout SIB, and Geki tho I agree that And One is a classic, if they were to bring back an HTEP song my bet wud be on Step Up, idk it just seems the easiest to play live and it seems to be a fav among the band, tho I'm just assuming that part. I def wudn't mind And One bein brought back tho. Here's what I'd like to see..


1. Reanimation Bridge on One Step Closer

2. A new intro for Faint (the outro is great but getting kinda old after being played at every show for 2 years.)

3. SIB not in every set (has to be in at least one it's one of the bands biggest hits.)

4. From the Inside back in every set!!!!!

5. Some b-side or LPU song in at least one set. (preferrably Qwerty, RME, A.06, or NRL)

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  • 2 weeks later...

- They should do a "live"-version of SIB like they did with POA, or delate it of their stlist, at least for one tour

- Playing some acoustic versions of theri songs, maybe Crawling, Pushing me away or Easier To Run

- New intros for Papercut, No More Sorrow (getting bored by the old intro), Breaking The Habit and Crawling

- Play some songs they haven't played for a while, maybe It's Going Down, Step Up, Nobody's Listening or Figure.09

- Stop using Wake, Given Up could work without it (maybe they could use an intro for GU then)

- Play more than just 21 songs per set. They should play at least 23 or 24


that's all for now

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Why does everybody want SIb to be deleted? I love it.


Some suggestions: (even if most of them have already be mentioned)

  • Play B-Sides! (RME, Dedicated, Step Up, High Voltage, ...)
  • Make Medleys! (Like the Hih-Hop one, but with other songs.)
  • Play more Reanimation songs! (Pushing Me Away, With You, Points, ... are also great when reanimated.)
  • Don't stop extending songs! (I love all the intros and outros; that's what makes LP live shows so awesome.)
  • Cover songs! (SCOM is great, Wish was great too. I love the East Troy show, when SCOM turns into BIO. Brilliant!)
  • Play songs acousticly! (The same thing as they do with BTH sometimes. Acoustic verse, then whole song.)
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Wat do u mean by "live" SIB Forfeitthegame? They brought back the album intro if that's wat ur talkin bout, also I think that It's Going Down wud fit easily into a set, it's one of those random songs that cud go anywhere, that's wat LP used to do w/ it anyway!

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