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18.06.2008 Graz, Austria, Stadthalle


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hey guys, hey lplive!


I am Marth from Graz, Austria, where LP played a concert on the 18th July in 2008


Well, what is important to say here is, that this was the first big Linkin Park - "stand-alone" concert in austria, additional to this it was the first linkin park concert i went to, because i was not allowed to go to the nova rock in 2007 when linkin park played there (i heard that LP at the nova rock was incredible :rolleyes: ) and of course i was not at the 2001 concert in vienna, austria, because i was too young and didn't know that this concert was, although i was a LP fan at this time...


the concert was sold out after like 2 days and i am glad that i got a card...


at the day of the concert i went to the city hall in the early afternoon (like 2pm) to queue up (i would have been there before if i had not had this stupid, but important test at school...)


anyway, i managed to get a good place in the like 3rd to 4th row, very close to the stage....:)


before the concert i talked to a lot of people, and found out that there were both hardcore fans like me and people, who only knew a few songs from MTM and numb...

the problem with this concert was, that lots of people who only knew "shadow of the day" from the local radio that doesn't play harder songs, were there, but they got their asses kicked out after a few songs ( i remember a little group of 3 13-14 year old, pink dressed girlies, who started crying and leaving after 2 songs of "enter shikari", the support of this show... stupidity deserves punishment :)


enter shikari was not bad (nothing in comparision with LP, but good anyway), they had some fun on the stage....


we all went crazy when LP entered the stage with What I've Done, but i was surprised because i expected the setlist from Brno the day before (one step closer)


anyway it was amazing, me and some friends started to make a pit during faint, but didn't succeed for a longer time, because the people around us were boooring...but later we contiued and everything was alright...


the setlist was perfect in my opinion, i only hoped for "the little things give you away" (my favourite song)...


after being warmed up with "faint" and "no more sorrow" it coutinued with the exciting "wake 2.0" (god, and i guess i was the only one who knew that it was wake 2.0)

"given up" rocked the house afterwards


"lying from you" and "don't stay" really brougt the meteora-spirit into the hall


me and my friends were very surprised about "in pieces", because it was my cousins favourite song and it was performed perfectly i am so sad that they didn't record the concert....:((


"somewhere i belong" was just awesome and "Points of authority" rocked with his new outro


after this mike said a few greets and" thank you for coming to this show" and something like: "...we just released the video for this song. And for the video we went to outer space. You guys like outer space?" *everyone screamed* mike:"put up some your lights lets go..." chester:"...and some cellphones".....and then "leave out all the rest" started...it was so perfect and dark and ...just amazing...one of the best moments this evening...even of my life....


"numb" was very cool, although a friend sat on my shoulders because i promised him that he could do that during "numb"


then "shadow of the day" came and all the people, who only knew this song sang along, put out their earplugs...and just heard the only reason why the came to this wonderful concert....


"valentine's day" was very cool, and i am glad i heard it, because it was rarely performed during the ProjectRev Tour in summer2008...


another really unique moment was the athmosphere during the "crawling" intro (without HHH)...


the drum solo of rob bourdon during "bleed it out" was very cool too, and made the audience go crazy ;)


the last 4 songs were the best part of the show...it was so uniqe....

the best athmosphere of the concert (in my opinion) was during "pushing me away" - Studio version! dude, that rocked!


we were very rowdy during "a place for my head" and went totally insane when mike jumped into the crowd right in front of us and touched us.... ;)


yeah, "one step closer" was the perfect ending for the show...


it was the best concert i was ever on...the crowd could have been better, but who cares, the music was great


Posted Image


11.500 people at this show



01. What I've Done

02. Faint

03. No More Sorrow

04. Wake 2.0

05. Given Up

06. Lying From You

07. Don't Stay

08. In Pieces

09. Somewhere I Belong

10. Points Of Authority (w/ "Petrified" and "There They Go")

11. Leave Out All The Rest

12. Numb

13. Shadow Of The Day

14. Valentine's Day

15. Crawling (reanimation intro)

16. In The End

17. Bleed It Out


18. Pushing Me Away (studio)

19. Breaking The Habit

20. A Place For My Head

21. One Step Closer




hope you enjoyed reading ;)


Greetings from Austria,



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very nice review



the picture looks like the venue has no left/right angles


anyway, it´s a small venue, it´s really sad that there are no video or audio sources of this show available :(

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thank you ;)


yeah, you're right, it isn't that big, 11.500 people are the maximum capability of the city hall...


you should to know, that the city hall is the second largest venue for a concert in graz, so we don't have bigger halls, the biggest venue would be the UPC Arena for like 20.000 people, but maybe LP was not that sure, if they could fill the arena, but i think now the know, that they have enough fans in Austria.... ;)




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