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Inspired by z.wierz to make my own M2M compilation


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About a month ago lplive member z.wierz made two compilations, the best of PR07 and the Best of the M2M Tour. This inspired me to make my own compilation of the Best of the Minutes to Midnight tour of both years into one show (excluding any Asia SBD's). I've started working on it already and hope to finish by Christmas-New Years, the reason it will take so long is because I am still somewhat of an amateur at mixing tracks. Anyway I have most of the tracks figured out and like 7 completed but some tracks I don't know what shows I should use. Can you guys post your favorite performances of the following songs? Whichever shows has the most votes will win.


1. Don't Stay

2. Papercut (I know I'm using the intro from the Milton Keynes show)

3. From the Inside

4. Bleed It Out

5. Shadow of the Day

6. In The End (MSG for the intro, I mite just use the whole track for the song but Chester sounds a little shaky on the chorus.)


This will be the set list tho


1. One Step Closer

2. Lying From You

3. Somewhere I Belong

4. No More Sorrow (Ft. SDC)

5. Don't Stay

6. Wake 2.0

7. Given Up

8. From the Inside

9. Papercut

10. Points of Authority (Second To None Intro, There They Go Outro)

11. Leave Out All The Rest

12. In Pieces

13. Numb (Blend Into...)

14. Umbrella (Rihanna Cover)

15. My December (Piano Version)

16. Valentine's Day

17. Shadow of the Day

18. Hands Held High

19. Crawling (Ft. Chris Cornell)

20. In Between

21. Pushing Me Away (Album Version)

22. We Made It (Ft. Busta)


23. Cure for the Itch

24. A Place for My Head


26. In The End


27. Breaking the Habit (Piano Version)

28. The Little Things Give You Away


29. Step Up (First Verse Only Remix)

30. What I've Done (Ft. SDC)

31. Numb / Encore (Ft. Jay-Z)

32. Jigga What / Faint (Ft. Jay-Z)

33. Bleed It Out



Here are the tracks that I've finished so far. (not in order)


1. One Step Closer (Milton Keynes 08)

2. Lying From You (Mansfield 08, Milton Keynes 08)

3. Somewhere I Belong (Manchester NH 08, MSG08)

4. No More Sorrow (Camden 08, Mountain View 07)

5. Wake 2.0 (Milton Keynes)

6. Given Up (Bristow 07, West Palm Beach 07, Selma 07), mite completely change this one if I decide to add the outro to it.

7. Points of Authority (Raleigh 07, Second To None Intro)

8. In Pieces (Selma 07)

9. Valentine's Day (Sheffield 08)

10. Crawling (MSG08, Burgesstown 08)

11. We Made It (Camden 08)

12. Breaking the Habit (Piano Version) (Toronto 08)

13. The Little Things Give You Away (Los Angeles 08, West Palm Beach 07)

14. Step Up (Remix) (West Palm Beach 07)

15. What I've Done (MSG 08, Burgesstown 08)

16. Numb / Encore (Milton Keynes 08, MSG 08)

17. Jigga What / Faint (MSG 08)

18. Bleed It Out (MSG 08, Milton Keynes 08)


I know I said I wouldn't prob upload it till after New Years but I prob will now that I've found a good mp3 convert, I'll keep this post updated as I finish more tracks right now I am currently working on What I've Done and I'll be finished with the 2nd and 3rd encore after that. Once I finish the first encore I'll upload all three of them before I upload the rest of the "show."

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I think it's strange to use songs from both years touring... 2007 and 2008 recordings are SO DIFFERENT... But still, respect for your idea ;) I've done couple tours' compilations for myself. Making compilations isn't very hard to do, only, crowd's difference between tracks is problem... :(


BTW, if I would choose:

2. Papercut - something between PHOENIX '07 and TAMPA '08

3. From the Inside - from Auburn '07 But need to modify end of the song (last Chester's scream is so funny :lol: )

4. Bleed It Out - from East Troy '08 + speed-up outro from somewhere.

6. In The End - from Atlanta '07... Bridge is INCREDIBLE...


Good luck ;)

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Thanks, for Bleed It Out I'm prob not gonna use SCOM or RME but prob the Milton Keynes sing along bridge, it's the first and only time Mike is singing on it, and yea I know that the recordings are diff.

What????? Explain. I don't understand, lol. Mike has sang OHHH OHHH, etc on the bridge plenty of times. BIO Auburn destroys BIO MK.

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BIO Auburn destroys BIO MK.

Agree :D. BIO there was performed most powerful of entire MTM tour, I think :D


Also If I would have to choose WID, I would choose:

From Atlanta '07 + added new intro :lol:


btw my last compilation list was:

01. No More Sorrow (Toronto)

02. Lying From You (Toronto)

03. Somewhere I Belong (Detroit)

04. Wake (Raleigh)

05. Given Up (Mix of West Palm Beach and Selma)

06. From The Inside (Auburn)

07. Papercut (Phoenix)

08. Points Of Authority (West Palm Beach)

09. In Pieces (San Bernardino)

10. Shadow Of The Day (San Bernardino) - ONLY because Chester's talk over intro :D

11. What I've Done (Atlanta)

12. Numb (Auburn)

13. Pushing Me Away (Auburn)

14. Breaking The Habit (Auburn)

15. Crawling (Auburn)

16. Little Things (Atlanta)

17. In The End (Atlanta)

18. Bleed It Out (Toronto)


19. Cure For The Itch (Cuyahoga Falls)

20. QWERTY (Cuyahoga Falls) - I could choose Toronto, but I was a bit bored of it :D

21. One Step Closer (Charlotte) - this is totally random choose.

22. Faint (Mix of Greenwood Village and Holmdel)

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