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Your Interpretation Of ATS


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Mine isn't really complete but my idea of the story goes like this;


The album opens up with The Requiem. This is basically a prayer at a time of despair and hatred. The bomb goes off which sequences in to The Radiance, which is an actual historical account of what happened at the time. Burning In The Skies fades in, and even though the lyrics could be looked at as political or dealing with relationships, for this story alone this song looks back into all of the greed, hatred, and evil that is in the culture today. Empty Spaces / When They Come For Me are interlude from the story, which is basically Linkin Park's way of getting the whole "zomg lp sux n0w because dey arent heavy" and the more professioanl critic-like versions of those statements addressed. Robot Boy goes back to the story but in a different approach, which talks about moving on from the past and pushing through struggles. Jornada Del Muerto is a dark prayer being chanted in a different language. Waiting For The End ends the first part of the story with the basic message of moving on and starting fresh. Blackout is an interlude from the story, which talks about relationships and heartbreak. Wretches And Kings is another interlude from the main story, but has it's own message (the whole leader vs. rebel tale). Wisdom, Justice, and Love comes back to the story. It reflects on the dark and unfair society in which we live in. Iridescent reflects on the disaster and destruction that was left in the story, and talks about letting go all of the sadness and despair that is bottled up inside. Fallout reflects on the past, and the evil destruction that the bombs left behind. The singing is really demonic and robotic in the opening, but fades into a more beautiful voice. The Catalyst can be interpreted so many different ways. The lyrics from the opening of the story/album are replayed again, but are meant differently. "Lift me up, let me go" is more of a redeeming type of lyric. The Messenger ends the album with peace, hope, and love. This track is the new beginning. Moving from the past, all of the hatred, coldness, and destruction. Starting fresh, and even though times can be tough, and things can get hectic, you will always be loved and there will be an "angel" to guide you throughout all of your troubles.


Post yours or you can tell me what you think about mine!

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Mine isn't really complete but my idea of the story goes like this;


Fallout reflects on the past, and the evil destruction that the bombs left behind. The singing is really demonic and robotic in the opening, but fades into a more beautiful voice.

Edit: My fail


But great post. I personally think all the songs that are inteerluded ferom the story are actuall part of the story.

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I think ATS is basically just about the destruction of the world. The whole album is basically based around The Catalyst.


The Requiem - Almost like a prayer, or a vision that someone has on their thoughts about how the world will ultimately end, if that makes sense.


The Radiance - I think the purpose of the speech is obvious. It takes you back to a time where the atomic bomb was first introduced to mankind, and it's a reminder on how mankind will essentially destroy itself because of nuclear warfare.


Burning In The Skies - Lyrically, the verses talk about what happens when the bombs hit. There are many references, I don't need to point them out. The chorus is essentially about humanity destroying it's own self.


Empty Spaces - Not really much to say, I think it's purpose is obviously to indicate soldiers during a war. Not sure how it fits in with the next track though.


When They Come For Me - Lyrically, in my opinion it's a big fuck you to all the people saying that LP has sold out or they went mainstream, etc. I guess it could be a kind of battle song almost, that's the only way I can really see it fitting in with the theme of the album.


Robot Boy - I think it's about just believing in yourself and not giving up even though you're tired and worn out. Maybe even how a soldier would feel fighting a war every day...


Jornada Del Muerto - I believe this interlude's purpose is another reminder on how the world will come to an end, as it contains lyrics from The Catalyst just as The Requiem does.


Waiting For The End - About accepting what has happened in the past and not to give up hope even though you know the end is near.


Blackout - Not sure how it fits lyrically...but it's a great track. I think it's about just going ape shit all together on whatever the situation is, letting all your anger out and then coming down after you do, hence the outro's lyrics sang by Shinoda.


Wretches And Kings - Lyrically, it's a stab at the record label and critics, IMO. A lot of people will say that this is not what the song is about, but it's obvious to me... Like WTCFM, not sure how it fits in with the story though...


Wisdom, Justice And Love - The speech serves as a reminder not to hate one another, although it's too late as this is how humanity has destroyed itself, with senseless war. This is why the speech slowly fades into a demonic voice until the end.


Iridescent - Basically a song about just realizing you can't change the past and remembering everything that has happened... I don't see any positive message of this song lyrically, like most people. For me it's a really sad song and the message it sends me is what I stated above...


Fallout - Another reminder that humanity has destroyed itself...the final remaining minutes of mankind as we know it.


The Catalyst - I've always thought this song stood out musically and lyrically. The intro reminds me of mankind's last few minutes, it's eerie and serious sounding. The lyrics are about mankind regretting everything that has happened but realizing nothing can be done. This is the end. The lyrics in the chorus 'When I close my eyes tonight to symphonies of blinding light' basically imply that society knows the world is ending with an explosion, hence the blinding light. The outro is epic and I believe 'Lift me up, Let me go' is basically everyone dying and going to either heaven or just dead, whichever the listener believes in.


The Messenger - I've always got the image of either a one lone survivor or just a tale of how everything unfolded, and how mankind will once be rebuilt, with love...

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