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LP fans on facebook 20 000 000 *


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I remember Mike Shinoda said in summer, that is very cool to have 10,000,000 fans on facebook.

After half a year on facebook has 20,000,000 fans LP.

I think it's an amazing result.  :lol:

What do you think, why so many fans of Linkin Park on facebook ?

- Because it's Linkin Park ?  :D


- because was release album "a thousand suns" ?  ;)

........ or anything else ?


*thoughts ?



Link to confirm: 20 000 000 fans LP on facebook

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ya know, I'm really really surprised (but pleased) that LP have managed to gain that amount of fans.


maybe its cause I live in the UK, but the majority of the people i know couldn't give a toss about LP (& quite a shocking amount that hate the band so much to a point they wish they never exsisted!? ¬_¬) I guess, from my point of view, it isn't "cool" to like LP any more like it is with Lady Gaga etc. Only just 2 people i know that i can say that are almost as big a fan as i am and that is quite an overstatement.


But i guess, if Jusin Bieber can get that many, its pretty easy with a band with real talent to match it. But thats the music industry these days and I'm sure the LP haters would be the first to say LP have as much talent as Bieber! xD

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