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08.03.2007 - Selma, Texas Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre


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So here is part 2 of my 4 reviews. This one will include my M&G experience since I got one for this show! For Projekt Revolution 2007, LP played 3 shows in Texas 3 days in a row and I went to all 3! My best friend came with me to the Selma and Dallas shows and I went alone to the Woodlands show. I knew that I would most likely get to see all three setlists but I intentionally didn't look at the setlists from the few shows before so I wouldn't know which one I would get first.


So my friend slept over at my house the night before and we woke up around 7 or 8 to get on the road. My dad is a big horse racing fan and he found out there was a racetrack right next to the amphitheater so he said he would drive us. We listened to the SBD from Auburn, the first date of the tour and it was awesome. We both fell asleep and before we knew it we were there! My dad dropped us off and we went and got in line. We only waited about 20 minutes before they let us in and gave us our wristbands for the pit. I decided to go try to find my LPU M&G wristband ASAP so I would be sure to have it. I asked someone and they said I had to go outside the amphitheater to will call which I thought was dumb but I did it anyways. I saw some mod from the LPU getting his pass too, can't remember his name though. I went back in and then immediately went to buy the live CD for the show. They hadn't gotten them yet and told us to check back later. So we went and check out the Revolution Stage.


Madina Lake was just starting when we got to the stage and I was pumped cause I bought and loved their CD. I went and moshed out and then met the band after they played. We went back to the merch booth and they had the live CD so I bought it and my friend held it in his cargo pocket for me (I was wearing jeans which will be an important detail later). We watched MSI from this hill across from the stage. I wasn't extremely impressed with them at the time but they have grown on me since.


Finally they opened the main stage and we went to check out Julien-K. They were so awesome and I caught the drumers drumstick! We went and chilled on the lawn after they played cause we weren't huge Placebo fans. HIM was after Placebo I believe and we went back to the pit to see them. I had never really liked them but the three shows in a row turned me into a HUGE fan.


Next was Taking Back Sunday who I hated before, and still hate now lol. Luckily I had a M&G to go to! I went and got in line and we waited FOREVER. Taking Back Sunday was almost over when we finally started going through the gate to meet the band! I had my Faint trading cards to get signed so as soon as I saw the guys, I tried my best to get the cards in the right order (I was shaking really bad haha). Rob was first I think and he and Phoenix were chatting but both said hello to me. Next was Mike. I told him how I was in the private chat with him for the LPU promotion contest a few years before and he somewhat seemed to remember what I was talking about (he had told me to let him know if I ever met him). Next was Chester and I said whatsup and asked him where I could find the Club Tattoo Etnies at. He asked if we had Zumiez down here and I said yes and I had checked 3 of them. He said hmm I dunno, they should have them but check their website and order them there (which I later did). Joe and Brad were next and me and Joe kinda had that moment from Frat Party where he and the fan were trying to do different handshakes haha. Brad was saying something to Joe when I got to him and a security guard started to shoo me out of there but Brad made sure to shake my hand before I left which I thought was really nice of him.


Well by the time I got done with the M&G, MCR was already halfway done (I was pretty indifferent about it cause I had already seen them twice before and I knew I would see them the next two days). My friend had moved to the pit so I went and joined him. MCR played Cancer last which is one of my favorite songs by them so that was cool. It was finally dark and it was time for LP! Which set would they be playing? Would there be any cool surprises? Could this show compare to the show I saw in 2004? As these questions bounced around in my head, the music began and the lights turned on behind the curtain...


More to come later, hope this makes you want to come back for the rest!


So wowwww it's been a long time since I posted this but I figure I've let the cliffhanger hold over for long enough now haha.


Suddenly I heard the sound of a needle dropping onto a vinyl. So here we go, I though. Kicking it off with some new music I've never seen before. The lights were going crazy as the guys played Wake and before I knew it the keys were jingling and the curtain had dropped! Given Up kicked in and the pit erupted. Me and my friend managed to stay close somehow but we were still getting tossed around like crazy. As the bridge approached I was hoping in my mind that Chester could somehow pull of the full scream but of course I knew he wouldn't. But wait, what? He did it! he fucking did it! For the first time ever live, Chester pulled off the full Given Up scream and I was there for it. Amazing.


Next was No More Sorrow, one of my favorites from MTM. Not much to say about this one, pretty standard performance but an excellent one none the less. After that came LFY. Holy shit. The pit was back in the frenzy that Given Up had incited. I just remember Mike counting down for the hands going down and as soon as he hit three EVERYONE was bouncing. It was sweet. Don't Stay like I said in my 04 review has never been one of my favorite songs and this performance in NO way compared to when it opened the show in 04.


And here we are at Somewhere I Belong. If you'll remember from my 04 review, I said I didn't like this song that much back then. This performance changed my view. I used to listen to SIB when it first came out when I was in middle school and I hated it because it reminded me of how I didn't know where I belonged. I was on the football team. I was in the band. I wasn't the most popular member of either. I didn't have very many friends at school. I never had a girlfriend or anyone who loved me other than my parents and a few close friends outside of school. Cut back to 2007. I had a girlfriend. The previous year I was on my high school football team and I felt a strong brotherhood with those guys. I had become more popular at school and I was headed off to college a few weeks after these shows. At this moment it hit me. I finally had found the somewhere that I belonged. I began to tear up. C'mon man I can't cry at an LP show what am I doing? But I didn't care. They were tears of joy. I realized what this band really meant to me and what a great impact they had had on my life. As I screamed the words to the song I thought back to how I felt in 04 during this same song and how much had changed in 3 years. Before I knew it the song was over and my friend could tell I had shed a few tears. He thought I had been hurt and when he asked if I was okay I just smiled and said "I've never been better dude".


Before he could say anything the noise of FTI began and I was back to screaming with Chester. FTI is my favorite song from Meteora and holy shit was this an amazing performance. I don't think it topped the 04 performance simply cause they didn't do the cool transitions but I knew that coming in. Chester's scream and little moan afterwords let me know he was there in the moment feeling whatever it was that inspired this song. Simply a classic performance. Next was Papercut and Mike made a reference to their very first tour. I wasn't there for that but I still felt like he was talking to me. The next night in Dallas he made the more traditional speech about hardcore LP fans and it satisfied me a bit more haha.


Now as you'll remember I hadn't heard about the show before this where Mike debuted the rapping over POA. So when he busted out Nobody's Listening I went nuts rapping along. No one else knew what was going on haha. What is it with NL and no one know wtf is happening? (See my 04 review). The rest of the song was good too but the highlight each night of this tour was Mike's rap.


In Pieces was next. Chester's remark about ex's was funny cause my friend had just gotten out of a relationship so it was almost like a dedication. We looked at each other and immediately said the girls name and started laughing haha. Then came Shadow of the Day. Cool to see Chaz on guitar, other than that, nothing special. Numb was next. Good performance and gave me more flashbacks of when the video came out and how my life had changed since then. Pushing Me Away was good on this night but it was better the next night in Dallas. BTH was decent, nothing incredible. I was trying to catch my breath during this song because I was becoming extremely exhausted. Crawling was good, not better than 04 though. TLTGYA was amazing this first time but it went downhill after this performance.


What I've Done was next and Mike gave a little speech about how glad he was we had stuck with them through this new album. Then his keyboard reset or something cause he had to pause for a second haha. As the song finally kicked in I thought back to when me and Mark were up at 4:30 AM one night talking about the new album before it came out when all of the sudden he says he has WID leaked from some foreign site. I'm pretty sure he and I were the first two American fans to hear the song. Good times!


The outro on Faint was cool but nothing too insane. Then after a short break was OSC with the new intro. This got me right back energized after Faint had sapped the energy out of me. As the song came in I was back jumping and screaming and pushing myself past the point of exhaustion. Keep in mind I'm wearing jeans in the middle of summer in Texas. It was HOT. In The End was good cause I could sing along without having to be tossed around too much. But then when BIO came on things went downhill. I went nuts, I was totally feeling the party vibe of the song.


When the show ended I needed water. Immediately. All the places in the venue were sold out. I could barely walk. I was physically and emotionally drained. My friend helped me get to my dads car and we went to a gas station to get some water. I took one sip once I got in the parking lot and I immediately started throwing up. Once that was over I got back in the car and my legs started cramping. The worst cramps I had ever had. My dad said there's no way we're making it back to Dallas tonight so we got a hotel and slept the fatigue off. The next day we woke up and feeling refreshed, I was ready to get on the road to go do it all over again!

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