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20.08.04 Dallas, Texas, Smirnoff Music Centre


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Well this was the first LP show I ever attended. In fact it was the first concert I had ever attended. Before I tell the story though I will say that thinking back on it now a lot of the show seems like a haze, so I'm sorry if the details are lacking in some spots. I was in the pit which I had obviously never done, and Korn kind of wore me out. I will have more detail in my PR07 reviews. Back to the story. My parents had let me skip school and so had my cousins and friends parents. We stayed out at the show all day. I saw the Used who I thought were dumb but their live show made me love them. Snoop was hilarious and awesome and Korn was simply amazing. But nothing could top LP that night.


They had the huge curtain over the stage after Korn played and suddenly you could see lights flashing behind it. The Joan Baez intro started and as the band kicked into Don't Stay, the curtain dropped and the crowd went NUTS. Don't Stay has never been one of my favorite LP songs but I will say it was good for me to see an upbeat heavy-hitting song to open the first show I went to. Lying From You was awesome, everyone was bobbing their hands along with Mike when it kicked in. Papercut was awesome as always, and Chester screamed "Why?" after the first 2 "the sun goes down"s. Awesome moment as I had always loved that part and I got to hear it twice! Points of Authority had the short Reanimation intro which was cool but other than that it was just a normal performance. With You and Runaway I don't remember too much but I do remember getting a shiver when Chester did the scream at the beginning of With You.


Step Up/Nobody's Listening/It's Goin Down was awesome for 2 reasons. One was I was the only person around me who knew the words to Step Up and It's Goin Down. The second was my friend that came with me wasn't a huge LP fan but he always loved Nobody's Listening so when they started playing that I looked back and he had the kid on Christmas look on his face haha. Ivan The Urban Action Figure came out and break danced on It's Goin Down.


Somewhere I Belong I didn't like too much at the time but when I post my San Antonio 07 review you'll see why. Figure.09 and From The Inside were EPIC. The transition between those songs was musically amazing considering F.09 is in 4/4 time and FTI is in 6/8. AWESOME transition and a strong contender for my favorite part of the show. Breaking The Habit and Numb also had a really cool transition that I thought made both of the songs more interesting.


Faint was always one of my favorite songs and the performance was spot on that night. Rob's drumming was great, and Mike did the whole "direct your attention to Mr. Bourdon on the drums" thing. I also unfortunately don't remember much of In The End, though I do seem to remember Brad playing the Pushing Me Away harmonics during the second verse. A Place For My Head was always my favorite LP song since the first time I heard it and this night proved why. Mike absolutley killed the rapping parts, and Chester went insane on the screaming bridge. Plus some girl behind me was flashing the stage which was awesome considering I was 15 at the time and boobies were sweet haha.


The band went off stage for a few minutes but then came back to the Reanimation intro for Crawling. I can't express how happy I am that they brought this back this year cause that was always so cool I thought. Plus Crawling has always had a special place in my heart because it was the first LP song I ever heard. Next up was Wish which was amazing live and what turned me into the HUGE NIN fan I am today. Finally the band closed with the (then) traditional One Step Closer. They Reanimated the bridge and Jonathan Davis came out to do his part from the remix! He was still wearing his kilt from earlier haha. I have a picture somewhere I will try to dig up. This was also one of the best moments of the whole show cause I knew it was almost over and I was savoring every last second of it. As OSC faded and I walked to the parking lot, I felt like I was in heaven. I loved this experience and knew that this was only a taste of something more to come. I knew the next time they came through Texas I was going to do it bigger and better somehow.


Stay tuned for the next 3 reviews coming soon! Also I will include my first M&G in my next review, and my in store signing with Chester at the end of the last one.

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This also was my first "rock concert" (first and only other before this time) real concert being Elton John back in the day). I wasnt in the pit but I had seats kind of near the back before the lawn section started.


I didnt know what time LP came on, so I dragged my wife (at the time, girlfriend) out there around 3:00PM. Saw some of Korn's set, none really of Snoop's, and tried to beat the HEAT.


I dont remember nearly as much as LPPanther, only that the concert was AWESOME and I think they closed OSC with pyrotechnics which was pretty freakin cool. :) I wish I could find a recording of this.

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