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New LP Album Idea


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ok well if you know me well, on my itunes i have about 300 Linkin Park songs. such as b-sides demos etc etc etc. So i made up an album called "Revoution". at once i left it as "Singles" but this is what happens when your bored lol. i think with all this, they could had a new album b4 ATS.


the point of this post is, Do you think this could had been a New LP Album??? What you guys think???


1. Wake 2.0

2. Qwerty

3. Lockjaw

4. New Divide (add the piano live intro)

5. Across The Line (Goes into ATL)

6. Not Alone

7. Blackbirds

8. Pretend To Be

9. What We Don't Know

10. I Have Not Begun

11. Announcement Service Public

12. Wish (Studio Version) <--if there is one lol

13. Pale (with lyrics)

14. Session

15. Leave Out All The Rest (Acoustic version w/ piano & drums)


so thats my idea & what i think should be a new album or could had been a new album B4 "A Thousand Suns" this should had been there 4th album.

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i think it could have been, but it would not have been succesful as all the other cds. I mean, i like most of theese songs but there are a lot of fans who don't like a lot of the b-sides.


Edit: oh and why does Plae have to have lyrics? Its an amazing instrumental. leave it at that.

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too answer everyone.


Pale is an awesome song & wish it had lyrics! i mean why have a 5min long instrumental???

Though I do agree with you that PAle with lyrics would be epic, but questioning why they should have a 5 minutes long instrumental is silly. Listen to Metallica's, "call of the Klutulu" - thats over 9 minutes long and pretty awesome at that!

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LP would not put a cover on a full album.


people always tell me that, let i want too know why?! i think Wish whould be a good cover tune for them.


i was going to put A-Six instead, but too me its just a better version of Papercut, i mean just look at all the remixes/mash ups there is on youtube with those 2 songs...

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