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LPU9 Bonus - Bonus items never arrived!


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This issue is traversed since March? Now we have November...


I ordered 'LPU9 Bonus' in March 2010, online account worked etc., I got messages on mail - all worked.

After few months I took package from post office and when I opened it, in home, I saw that my order is incomplete - there weren't any bonus items!


In fact, I contacted with Jessica (from LPUHQ). I explained what's happened and after that Jess said that I should mail to LPHQ. I did it, I said that my bonus items never arrived.

Next person was Eileen, who provided me that LPUHQ sent me a package again...


Then... was a long period without anything. No package, no answers from LPU.


*sequence could be a little bit different*


I sent my issue again, to LPHQ and Jess. Eileen sent me almost the same message, which i got in first time...


...but there's still no package.


With Jess I have contact until now. She wanted and want to help me, but I have to contact with Adam (LPUHQ?).


My problem is: Adam not responding on my mails, messages anything :/


To prove my story I can quote all mails from me and from LPUHQ crew.


Any ideas? I tried LPU mail, facebook, twitter... No answers until now. Help!


Greetings, melon1992 (Lucas Melniczak)

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As I told you yesterday, I've been out of the country with very very limited access to internet. Today and yesterday have been spent prepping the LP Tour Pre-Sale. I'll address this as soon as I can, but please just be patient with me. I have a lot on my plate right now. I'll try to look into this today.

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I see. I'm patient... but you should also understand me. I waited for this package a few months.

Huh, take care ;) I'll be waiting for more details ;)


Week expired :(


Buu... still on answer :(

I don't know that anyone can help me, Have I any chance to resolve this problem? Thx 4 reply ;)


LPU9 expired... Now we have LPUX...


so my problem won't be resolved and stay with no answer...


I'm upset and sad because of this situation.



If LPUHQ don't want to send me a bonus items, they would tell me that... :(


Please, close this thread. LPUHQ send me package some time ago. :)

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