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ATS debuts at #1 on Australian charts


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Despite failing to nab either Gold or Platinum accreditation in it's first week, 'A Thousand Suns' has debuted at number 1 in Australia!


The above link is for the Australian Recording Industry Association Album Chart - Australia's equivalent of Billboard.


There's a fair chance it might hit one of those sales milestones next week as the album and tour are currently being promoted on free-to-air television in Australia with a pretty nifty 30-second spot.

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You can also add Catalyst is on the rise slowly.

This week: 33 Last: 49



Waiting for the End is on Hot-30 charts and is already at 23.

When a video hits for that it shall hopefully be flirting with number one!

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i'm a little worried about waiting for the end - i feel as though it's going to blow up pretty big before it's even officially released as a single! not necessarily a bad thing - but if the band can't promote it the way they intended on promoting it... might not have as big an impact as it would if it was released and took people by surprise.


that probably doesn't even make sense - im so very sleepy lol

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No. 2 in the UK. Any other week and they would have been No. 1 for sure but The Script are pretty big here too and it was a close fight so congrats LP! :)




the script who?

britains have a horrible music taste, just seeing the singles they buy

even jedward and susan boyle sells in that country

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the script isn't so bad, but is a kind of album, to listen 2 in 2 years at least

i think the world debut will be circa 500k


250 in us + 250 worldwide

sounds like a fairly logical estimation to make - based on the US prediction, im guessing the album sold approximately 25,000 in australia (so just shy of a gold accreditation for one week). the album hasn't moved from the no.1 spot on itunes and is in the no.1 spot on most store shelves i've seen, so it should hold onto that position next week and maybe even crack gold sales.

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