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LP in New Zealand?


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And with an album comes a tour. Bourdon says although it hasn't been confirmed yet the band is hoping to announce dates soon in New Zealand. They were last here in 2007 for two sold out shows at Vector Arena with Chris Cornell.


"I'm almost positive we'll be there, so check out our website and look out for an announcement soon," he said.





still no news :(

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doesnt sound like it though from what was said on the edge radio last night

What was said on The Edge?


It is way too late to announce it now. It would leave fans less then a month to buy tickets. Bands don't just do that but DAMN that pisses me off. Especially from the amount of extra Australian show announced. :angry:

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I wouldn't completely rule out an announcement of more New Zealand shows but honestly it doesn't seem likely.

Not sure what could put the band off touring in New Zealand. It's not like the arena's can't be used or anything. This is certainly a good question to ask the band sometime when someone gets the opportunity (Meet & Greet, Formspring etc.).

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Sadly I would still see them announcing shows there... I really don't know what the holdup is. We've heard rumors from several sources that they at least were PLANNING shows there.


Maybe something fell through. LP said they were doing 5 South America shows and ended up doing only 3.... so who knows. Anything could happen. I don't understand why they didn't initially announce NZ though...the album sold well and they sold the shows out last time. I don't see them hitting NZ in 2011 if they don't hit it now though. Hmm.


Hope it ends up happening...

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