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Julien-K Setlist for Europe


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01: Death To Analog

02: Futura

03: Someday Soon (extended intro and outro)

04: Surrounded By Cowards (New song)

05: Kick The Bass (extended drum intro)

06: Look At U (sample in into played twice)

07: Systeme de Sexe

08: Dreamland (extended drum-loop intro)

09: Maestro

10: Cruel Daze Of Summer (New song)

11: Technical Difficulties

12: Dregs Of The World (New song)

13: Nights Of Future Past (New song)


Elias is now singing a lot more. He sings furing DTA, Surrounded By Cowards, KTB, L@U and maybe on the other 3 new songs - can't remember.

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