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Reminder: DBS/JK Interview with bonedo.de


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A little reminder for all of you, if you guys didn't see this interview, please check it out!!!


Chester Bennington, Ryan Shuck, Amir Derakh, Elias Andra, Brandon Belsky and Anthony “Fu” Valcic met up with the bonedo team at the last Dead by Sunrise show in Europe in the Docks club in Hamburg, Germany. Few minutes before the show the band explained how they met each other, how the band came together, where the energy for a new beginning is coming from and how the songs were written.


Beside this, the band introduces their live equipment in the Gear Check video.


Moreover bonedo.de raffles an Orange Tiny Error “Hard Wired Edition” autographed by Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh. All you have to do is to answer the question: "What is the first song on the Dead By Sunrise album Out of Ashes?"


In quite some days an interview with Julien-k is coming up on bonedo.de, you may not miss it.




The interview with the band is here (http://www.bonedo.de/feature/allgemein/int...view/index.html)


The raffle is here(http://www.bonedo.de/feature/allgemein/akt...nnen/index.html)

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