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Server Issues


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LPLive has been loading just a tad slower than normal recently for some users, so I thought I would investigate. Have no fear, the problem is being assessed as we speak. I wouldn't even classify it as a "problem".


The http://www.sotrix.net 'Complaining, Moaning, And Whining Department' has let me know that everything should be fine and not to worry.


Aaaaand from ole' Sotrix himself: "My army of albino snakes are slithering through the sands of wires and motherboards, licking the air, hunting for the problem."


All humor aside, things should be back to normal very shortly. I'd like to also take this time to also thank Sotrix personally for handling LPLive so well since the beginning. Sotrix also dealt with our ChesterSings and CureForTheItch projects back in the day, which makes me a member of his program since December 24, 2005. I think since that date, his server has had what....maybe two minor issues? That's an INCREDIBLE record. Almost three years of service and no major server problems at all. This guy is the reason for the site loading so damn quickly, the exclusive media downloading so quickly, and LPLive having essentially zero downtime ever. Perhaps I can buy you a beer at Projekt Revolution.........in 4 years. Maybe we can settle on a piece of pizza until then. Thanks for everything you do!


I suggest that if you have a website and don't have Sotrix hosting it, you need to change ASAP. Seriously.

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