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The single release date and vote, vote, VOTE


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I heard No More Sorrow will be released as the 6th single. Am I right?

If I am, do you guys know when it is? I'm just curious.

I have 4 singles of MTM and I'm thinking of buying Bleed it out with that. Shipping cost is the problem..



I'm voting for LP at least once a day. How about you LPUs?

If you forget, just go and click a bit :

> http://ema.mtv.co.uk/vote/#__rock_out

> http://ema.mtv.co.uk/vote/#__headliner


I was told some LP fans saying that voting isn't going to help because of Metallica...It really makes me furious. I know it's going to be tough to win due to them, but their attitude is what I'm angry with.

Anyway, just let's keep voting for LP until the end. {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cool.gif

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I have a feeling they'll release a live video "single" from Road to Revolution like they did with Lying From You and Live in Texas. If they do, I think NMS is a likely candidate, although LOATR is probably even more likely since they already sent the live version from RtR (yay for a new LP acronym!) to radio.

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