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2001-02-13 Pontiac, MI, Clutch Cargo


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Taproot, Linkin Park, Alien Ant Farm

February 13th, 2001

Pontiac, MI @ Clutch Cargo's


ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian hit the nail squarely on the head when he said recently something to the effect of, "LIMP BIZKIT is just THE BACKSTREET BOYS with guitars." Ian must not have seen LINKIN PARK yet because that is exactly the perfect descriptor for these puff" Metal" wonders. And aren't they so pretty too, my god little girls were actually fainting in front of the stage! They do have their chops down so much credit for actually playing their instruments and it can't be said that people didn't enjoy them so what is the complaint? It just smells of Satan's crooked hand wiping out any real Hard Rock or Metal band's success at radio. If you value your GODSMACK on the airwaves you will discourage people from buying LINKIN PARK because if this stuff hits any bigger than it has you can say goodbye to anything with any meat on it for a long while.


On the other hand TAPROOT has continued on in the tradition of crossover Nu-Metalers like THE DEFTONES and found their own happy mediums between Metal, Rap and Rock infusing some well conceived lyrical notions for the Hard Rocker who likes to ponder a lyric now and then. As for this evening in particular it was another homecoming show for the Ann Arbor natives who seemed to come up with just a little more for the friends and family in the audience. Lead Singer Stephen Richards found it hard to keep all of the energy from overflowing the stage leaving his bandmates and road crew to fish him out of the audience at least a dozen times. Twice during the evening he scaled the second tier scaffolding and leapt into the audience below. The sold out show had the fans squeezed in pretty tight so there wasn't really much chance of hitting the floor but still, not something I would try.


The song selection ran like this, "Mirror's Reflection," "Dragged Down," "Day by Day," "Again and Again," "Now," "Comeback," "I," "Smile," and "Emotional Times" finished it all off. "I" is the group's latest single to radio and seemed to get the best response from the audience though the entire set was the definitive high-energy live experience.


ALIEN ANT FARM was added to the bill as an afterthought but everyone seemed to benefit from the addition. AAF had a chance to make some converts in front of a sold-out room and the audience got to see a band that should leap frog its way to headlining status in short order. Of the seven songs played "Wish" seemed to be the crowd favorite. They did end the set strangely with a cover of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" which is a move that I can only hope they reconsider before returning to town with the ORGY tour.


Reviewed by: David L. Wilson

Edited by Biel
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